Are Microwave Ovens Dangerous For Health? 11 Reasons to Believe It

Are Microwave Ovens Dangerous For Health? 11 Reasons to Believe It

The possible harm from using the microwave oven familiar to many of us has long been the subject of controversy among scientists. Some experts categorically insist that this device does not have any negative impact on human health. Therefore, in their opinion, there is no compelling reason not to use it regularly.

Their opponents, on the contrary, argue that any microwave oven is capable of causing irreparable harm to health. Unfortunately, the conclusions of the latter are confirmed by the results of numerous studies carried out by scientists.

11 Reasons Why Using Microwave is Harmful

Guided by the data obtained from a detailed study of this issue, experts recommend not using the microwave. Here are 11 reasons why you should not use a microwave.

1- Disrupts The Absorption Of Useful Substances In Body

The impact of microwaves on food leads to the destruction of minerals and other valuable compounds. Even if any useful nutrient compounds remain in a dish heated in a microwave oven, the body’s cells may simply “refuse” to absorb them.

This mechanism completely deprives even the healthiest food of any beneficial properties. Therefore, meat heated in the microwave is not much more useful than fried in a pan or cooked over coals. In turn, vegetable dishes lose a significant proportion of vitamins.

2- Harmful To Hormonal Balance

There is a theory that with frequent consumption of food cooked or heated in the microwave oven, the balance of sex hormones is disrupted in a person. Moreover, the disruption in the production of substances necessary for the normal functioning of the body concerns both male and female hormones, which are present in different concentrations in both sexes.

The endocrine system in one way or another affects all biochemical processes in the human body. Therefore, even at first glance, a slight violation of the hormonal balance can lead to serious consequences.

3- Blood Cancer

A lot of studies have been carried out, the original purpose of which was to prove or disprove the carcinogenic properties of a microwave oven. Some experts argue that among the regular users of this device, it is frighteningly often diagnosed with cancers in the hematopoietic organs. This fact makes many advocates of a healthy lifestyle refuse to use the microwave and reheat food using alternative methods.

4- Microwave Can Explode

You cannot simply put anything in the microwave oven. Another big risk of using a microwave is that it can burst into flames. Putting food in metallic utensils may cause an explosion. If by mistake, you put egg or alcohol inside a microwave oven, it can also lead to an explosion.

This is because alcohol has flammable content which causes a brutal blast. It has happened with individuals with alcohol use disorder, who while being drunk put a bottle of wine in the microwave which lead to an explosion. Therefore, you need to be careful while using this machine.

5- Harm To The Brain

Regular intake of food that has been exposed to microwaves stimulates the development of physiological disorders in the brain tissue. Their essence lies in the shortening of nerve impulses. As a result of which depolarization of the brain occurs.

6- Cancer Of The Stomach And Intestines

When microwaves only began to gain popularity, gradually appearing in every kitchen, many researchers were interested in the question: “Can the effect of microwaves on foods change their chemical and biological properties so that they stimulate the occurrence of various pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract?” Many scientists have devoted their scientific works to this topic.

As a result, most of them concluded that food processed in a microwave oven acquires carcinogenic properties. That is, it contributes to the formation of malignant neoplasms in the human digestive system. This explains the disappointing statistics on the incidence of cancer of the digestive system in the United States.

7- The Harm Is Irreversible

Another negative property of the microwave, which can make any user flinch with this seemingly harmless device, is the irreversibility of the harmful effect on the body. The most common damage from microwave ovens is structural changes in organic tissue. Therefore, such consequences, even in the absence of further exposure to microwaves on food, will not be eliminated by themselves.

8- Harmful To The Immune System

Long-term use of a microwave can cause changes in the composition of blood serum and the disruption of the lymph glands. The consequence of such disorders will be a variety of “failures” in the functioning of the immune system.

This in turn leads to a significant decrease in the body’s resistance to various pathogenic factors. As a result, frequent colds, herpetic eruptions, thrush, exacerbation of chronic inflammatory diseases, etc. can be observed.

9- Harm To Digestion Process

Food that has been processed in a microwave oven cannot be fully absorbed in the intestines. Because of this, there is a violation of the basic metabolic processes. This negatively affects the work of all organs and systems.

10- Harm To Memory And Attention

In the course of numerous clinical studies, it was found that with regular consumption of foods exposed to microwaves, a person begins to suffer from memory and concentration. Besides, there may be some emotional liability and a decrease in intellectual potential.

Therefore, scientific physiologists who study this topic in detail, strongly recommend that knowledge workers, as well as students and schoolchildren, use alternative methods of thermal processing of food.

11- Carcinogenic Free Radicals

It has been proven that mineral compounds in the microwave are transformed into free radicals. These have dangerous carcinogenic properties. Also, an excess of free radicals can cause the development of cardiovascular pathologies, such as atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, and stroke.

The appearance of a large number of free radicals in the bloodstream leads to the destruction of cell membranes. This leads to the premature appearance of the first signs of aging, and this applies not only to appearance but also to the state of the body as a whole.


It is quite obvious that using a microwave for heating the food is dangerous to health. Therefore, it is better to use alternative methods for making your food warm.

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