Is Counseling Online Effective for Drug Addiction Peoples

Is Counseling Online Effective for Drug Addiction Peoples

Counseling Remotely or Treatment

Counseling remotely for people who have a full-blown addiction problem may be beneficial, however the complete programs listed in Treatment of Severe Addiction may be required based on the severity of the issue. A thorough assessment of the addict is essential. The evaluation is completed online, and results in suggestions for the best counseling remotely treatment. Individuals who are in any phase (intensive outpatient, ongoing care, and aftercare) or traditional therapy programs may benefit from online services as an addition in their treatment and twelve Step Program participation. People who have completed traditional treatment may also benefit from these services.

The term “alcohol” or “drug” dependence is commonly utilized interchangeably with addiction however I’m using dependency to refer to an actual dependence upon a substance which means that stopping the using the substance could produce withdrawal symptoms. It is possible to develop a dependency to a substance but not necessarily develop addiction. The most evocative example of this type of physical dependence is someone who is taking a narcotic analgesic (pain drug like oxycodone or morphine) according to the prescription of an expert doctor for a long time enough to become physically dependent of the drug which is a natural result of the long-term use of a substance. If this happens, discontinuing abruptly the usage of the drug will trigger the withdrawal symptoms that are typical of the type of substance. The majority of addicts (for instance. alcoholism) is not physically dependent of their substance and will not experience a full-blown physical withdrawal of the substance. However, they will feel a sense of numbness, fatigue and other signs due to their mental dependence of the substance.


Other drug or alcohol-related issues are classified into two categories that include addiction or abuse (as I stated, also known as dependence). The term “abuse” refers to the fact that a person has created a pattern of consumption of the drug in the facing negative effects in significant areas of life (medically financial, legally and relationships). Addiction is described in the opening sentence of this piece.


An increasing number of teaching hospitals offer online counseling visits.  That's more important now than ever. | AAMC

The addiction to alcohol and other drugs are devastating diseases that negatively affect the affected people and those who love them emotionally, physically and spiritually. If someone is diagnosed with a full severe addiction, I recommend an abstinence-based treatment approach that is a system with the ultimate (it could take time to reach it) objective is to stop drinking alcohol or other substances. The model should incorporate the use of education, cognitive behavioral counseling, and the use of the Twelve Step (for instance. or AA) religiously based practices. Online addiction treatment may be beneficial on its own or as part of a complete treatment plan, that incorporates traditional face-to-face counseling as well as other treatment options.

Variety of Disciplines in Comprehensive Programs

Treatment of those suffering from complete alcohol or substance dependence could require a complete treatment plan, including the assistance of professionals who meet face-to face. This kind of treatment will be different from the services offered by the online treatment for addiction. Professionals must run a comprehensive program from a variety of disciplines. The staff should comprise physicians to deal with problems with medicine, like withdrawal or mental health professionals, such as psychologists or psychiatrists, to treat co-or existing psychiatric disorders that could be present and, last but certainly last but not least and certified addiction counselors most preferably many of whom are recovering themselves. The treatment program should offer both group and individual counseling, education groups and, as crucial as any other treatment access to Twelve Step self-help groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics

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