Top 5 Best Sports to Stay Fit and healthy.

Sports to Stay

We all know how hard it is to find a time in our daily routine to work or maintain our bodies. However many people find it easy to stay motivated by a regular exercise of a workout that helps them to stay fit. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to college or for a job. There has to be a slot, on the whole, to work out on our bodies to maintain them. While some people are able to add up in their busy routine, most of us need some motivation or diversion that will help us to keep the momentum going in our healthy routine.

The best way to counter such an issue is to join your favorite sport to make things easier. The best thing about doing a sport is that some of them have a greater physical benefit than just a regular workout. This will not just help you in reducing your weight, it will help you in toning down your muscles and stamina.  Also, if you have a stressful job that involves a lot of pressure and stress, there is no better way to keep yourself healthy mentally.

We listed down a few sports to figure out some of the best sports to go for if you’re up for a serious workout.

1. Swimming

There is no surprise in revealing the first sport to be swimming. Swimming involves the movement of almost every muscle in the body to resists the density of the water, helping you in proper exertion with the right muscle movement. Swimming is a complete cardiovascular exercise that helps the movement of each joint, bone, and even the ligaments. If you’re scared of any joint injury or jarring issue then swimming has to be your go-to exercise.


2. Cycling

Just like swimming, cycling involves more cardiovascular activity with low body impact which is helpful if you’re worried about your physical damage, especially on the joints. Apart from the benefits for the heart, cycling tore down the legs muscle and alters love handles. The right posture helps in developing the back muscles. According to some recent research cycling on an indoor machine helps to burn up to 500 calories in 40 minutes. This is not only a good source if you’re looking to lose weight but also to maintain a good nervous system.


3. Tennis

If you’re looking for a sport for mild fitness during or after retirement then tennis has to offer a complete social and fitness package that you can utilize. Tennis will help in balancing and improve coordination. There are many benefits regarding aerobic fitness that will automatically help in the fitness process. Other than health benefits, it is one of the best sports for socializing games to go for.


4. Boxing

Who doesn’t like adding up more than just a fitness factor while exploring the right sport for staying fit?  Let talk about a sport that has got it all. Boxing is one of the most underrated sports for those who like to add more to their skills other than just staying fit. If you’re learning boxing from scratch then you need to trust the coach that will test your abilities and stamina to take it to a next level. We see videos of boxing training on the internet when a boxer is shadowboxing. But it isn’t that easy as it looks like. An average boxing session for an hour can burn up to 745 calories. This sport has a great inspiration in itself. It helps in building physical resistance against any physical attack and also teaches the ability of self-defense. Wearing boxing gloves while training helps in delivering the punch with the right movement of the arms and the shoulders. One of the best athletes in the world is the boxers. We see many of them in the ring wearing their favorite boxing costume and gloves while their fitness and physique is inspired by millions.

5. Football

In case you are looking for a sport that will help your metabolism rate to be at its best then football might be able to help you out more than any other sport. While boxing has more impact on the body, football has the fastest results to tear down the fat in the body. Most people don’t play football because of ligament and joint issues. This sport is more likely to be played by those who are under 30 years. The training process of learning how to play football will itself start making an impact on your body just like boxing. It has a greater impact on the lower part of the body. But due to high exertion, it will start to show results within days on the whole body.

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