Are Personalized Vitamins Effective?

Are Personalized Vitamins Effective?

As the weather cools down and the threat of COVID19 begins to grow along with the onset of flu season a lot of people are getting concerned. What is there to do against an invisible enemy that could be lurking anywhere? Although it seems like something straight out of a horror movie, the first thing to do is remain calm. 

Take a breath, and know your options. The news is filled with deaths regarding at-risk people that have compromised immune systems. Is it possible that personalized vitamins could help you and everybody else strengthen their immune systems? If you think about it, the best way to fight against this unseen enemy is to make sure that you are in good health. Vitamins play an important role in each and every person’s health on this planet. Are you getting the right ones for you?

Is Being Healthy Effective?

Is being healthy effective? This question is a direct reflection of the title of this article; “Are personalized vitamins effective?” Every person that exists in this world is different from the next one. There may be a lot of people that are very similar in a multitude of ways, but when it comes down to the cellular buildup of everybody, we are different. Some people may need more iron. Some may need more phosphorous. 

Some could use more zinc in their lives, where others really need some Vitamin D. Although vitamins may not be the answer to all health problems, the people who have the correct amount of specific vitamins that they need for their bodies, are in better shape than the ones who don’t. You may believe that taking a multivitamin will cover all of the needs that you have, but this is incorrect. Only a vitamin that is built based on the needs of your body personally will provide the things that you are lacking, and leave out the things that you already have too much of.

Vitamins and Immune Health

Our immune systems are what help us fight off infections and sickness. The backbone of our immune system is made up of the vitamins that we have available in our bodies. Back in the 14th-century sailors that sailed the seas frequently suffered from a sickness known as scurvy. 

For over a hundred years sea travelers suffered from this horrible sickness that made their gums bleed, opened old wounds, and even resulted in death. In the 1500s doctors discovered that the reason for the scurvy sickness was because people weren’t getting enough vitamin C. Imagine that. If people didn’t get enough vitamin C they would get very sick and even die. Of course, this was a cure-all for people that were deficient in vitamin C specifically, but what about other vitamin deficiencies? This is where the need for a personalized vitamin regimen comes into focus.

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Personal Vitamin Health

Every person is different and has specific needs. Genetics can play a huge role in the need for specific vitamins and minerals, but so does age, sex, lifestyle, and other factors. A pregnant woman will have a significantly different vitamin need than a middle-aged man. We all need different things as we age and progress into the upward stages of our lives. As babies and children, we need nutrients to help us grow and fight infections. 

As we grow older and begin to choose different lifestyles we still need to fight off infections and sicknesses when they come. We may need different vitamins that we don’t normally get in our diets. Having a vitamin supplement that is tailor-made for our own bodies is a sure way to provide ourselves with the vitamins that we need as individuals so that we will have the balance in our bodies to maintain a healthy way of life. Being healthy and able to fight off viruses is very effective.

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