Everything You Should Know About Dental Implants

Dental Implants

There may be many discomforts with chewing and even speaking for you in case of one or several missing teeth. Dental implants are a useful treatment in the field of dentistry that can beneficially replace your missing teeth. They usually function very similarly to your natural teeth, and you should pay enough attention to their hygiene. A dental implant specialist in Toronto believes that dental implant treatment’s success rate is very high, and patients don’t need to be worried about the pain and discomfort after the treatment.

Although artificial dental implants are entirely inanimate structures, they are strong enough to chew food and help you speak properly. Dental implants look exactly like a healthy, natural tooth.

What is a Dental Implant?

The dental implant is a treatment method in which a small piece of a prosthesis (usually made of titanium) is inserted in the jawbone and acts as a tooth. Dental implants inserted in bone are typically compatible with bone and oral cells and does not interfere with their work. The dental implant is filled with a crown and veneer to create a shape that looks exactly like a natural tooth.

Why are Dental Implants so Important?

In short, dental implants are the most successful way to replace missing teeth. All dental implants work similarly to the tooth root and facilitate chewing. Unlike removable dentures, dental implants do not cause speaking and eating problems since they are firmly fixed in the person’s jaw.

Choosing the Type of Dental Implant

A dental implant specialist should first examine the person. Once it is determined that the person has no oral disease (such as gum infection, etc.), the dentist chooses the type of dental implant according to the person’s condition. The type of prosthesis implanted in the jaw will be different and maybe fixed or removable.

How Successful is a Dental Implant?

According to official reports from reliable sources, dental implants‘ success rate in different people is about 97%.

Dental Implants

Does Dental Implant Placement Involve a Specific Age Limit?

To get dental implant treatment, you usually have to wait long enough for the face and jaws’ bony tissue to develop, and their growth comes to an end. The age of completion of facial bone growth is usually 18 years. If a dental implant is made before 18, the size of the implanted tooth will be smaller due to the jaw’s growth. In this case, the dental implant may have to be replaced again. However, after the age of 18, there are no particular restrictions on implant placement.

When is the Best Time for Dental Implants?

It seems the best time to get proper dental implantation is after tooth extraction. However, its duration can be different.

Insertion of the dental implant right after the extraction of a natural tooth (in cases where the patient does not have a gum infection or diabetes) takes three weeks to three months. This is the least amount of time you need to wait for your den

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