What Is The Difference Between Microphilia And Macrophilia And Why Do People Suffer From Them?

In this article, I am going to discuss all about Microphilia and Macrophilia in detail. Stick to this article to learn each and everything.


Microphilia is a type of paraphilia where a person has a sexual attractions towards small sized or micro beings. In Microphilia, a person assume others shrinking confront of him. In this condition, men mostly fantasize about women shrinking in small sizes in front of him and being dominated. Any person suffering from this type of paraphilia is known as a microphile. Microphile in most cases fantasize about their sexual partners shrinking in size in front of them while the man himself remains unchanged.

Studies show that in the last few decades, Microphilia has been the most common occurring type of paraphilia. The main reason about the spread of this type of paraphilia is the adult internet surfing and the existence of video editing tools. The internet is spreading this thing all over the world and leading people into sexual gratification.


Macrophilia is the opposite of Microphilia. The term is used to refer to people who fantasies about sexual arousal from giants or people who are larger than them in size and weight. This condition is common in men who fantasize having sex with a she giant commonly referred to as a Giantesses. In most cases, it’s the male fantasy where the male partner plays the smaller role in the act. The smaller parts are played by a man who fantasizes being dominated by the larger giantesses.

In simple terms, Macrophilia translates to the love of large. By the term larger, they mean huge a king Kong size or larger. Some men say that by being dominated they feel that their sexual needs are met. With the man playing a smaller role where he only supply to her needs, they get sexual satisfaction. It doesn’t matter whether its food to nourish her superior needs or playing as a sexual toy to meet all her sexual needs.

Why do people suffer from these paraphilia?

The main reason why people suffer from the above paraphilia is because they get the idea from movies like Thumbelina. They also get these ideas from the internet. The internet has sites full of Microphilia and Macrophilia fetish sex. When they fantasize having sex with either micro or macro beings, they get sexual satisfaction. Men feel relaxed while having sex with their minion partner.

Although many people argue that these feelings are inherited, most of the people get these feelings from the movies they watch or the friends they move around with. These two paraphilia are visible activities and for this reason, they can be observed early enough. There are some of the people who start these on their early stages, if the parent is creative and observing, he or she may be able to spot these characters and later help their children control themselves.

If an adult is suffering from this condition, then they can solve the problem by answering some specific questions and avoiding movies with such contents. The fact is that these conditions are psychological conditions and hence a counselor can help solve the problems.

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