Things To Do Before Going On A Laser Hair Removal Treatment

The laser clinic in etobicoke will now give you a list of things you need to do before going to a laser hair removal treatment:

exclude all methods of hair removal, except shaving, two to three weeks before you visit the gym;
shaving hands 4-8 hours before procedure. It is usually recommended that the length of the hair during the epilating session be at least 1-2 mm and not more than 5 mm;
stop using three days before the cosmetics procedure with alcohol in the composition;
opt out of the hands on the day of the procedure any cosmetics;
do not take antibiotics for 14 days before visiting a hair removal specialist. Especially this requirement applies to drugs with the active substance tetracycline.

The number of procedures required and the interval between sessions

Typically, to get rid of hair from your hands to the maximum, it is advisable to take four to eight sessions.

Gaps between sessions will increase. For example, between the first and the second procedure is recommended to last 4-6 weeks. After the second session the interval should be 6-8 weeks, After the third – 8-10 weeks. Thus, the difference between each subsequent procedure will increase by two weeks.

The number of procedures needed to maximize the effect depends on the individual hair growth, its structure, the proper preparation and the type of the laser system.

What not to do after going through the procedure

After the session no need to:

put cosmetics for three days;
sunbathing or visit the solarium for 14 days. The hands should be protected from sunlight, covered under clothing or protected by a layer of sunscreen;
during the day go to the bathroom, sauna, swimming pool;
swim in hot water and in open water.

After the procedure, it is desirable to apply moisturizing cremes.

Hand epilation is contraindicated for:

people who have not yet reached the age of 18;
pregnant women;
women who are breastfeeding;
suffering from diabetes and acute herpes;
with oncological and immune diseases;
persons with individual intolerance to pain;
with ulcers, burns or other skin damage.

The doctor should consult with people who have multiple scars on their hands, currently suffer from acute respiratory infection or flu and suffer from any type of allergy.

Laser epilation is not suitable for those with dark or tanned skin, blond, gray or red hair.

If you have not found any contraindications to the procedure for removing laser epilation after consulting a doctor and a clinical specialist, then to make it convenient and effective, you should prepare in accordance with the recommendations. You also need to follow the advice on how to behave after the procedure.

This is the only way to maximize the effect and, after several sessions, get rid of 80% of the hair forever, the remaining 20%.

Correction will be needed once every 1-2 years. The effect will depend on the type and capacity of the equipment, the skills of the hair removal specialist, and the individual characteristics of the body.

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