Top 5 Weight Gain Supplements You Need To Bulk Up


Are you ready to set the game right and have some serious healthy gains? Read this article to find out about the 5 best weight gainer powders that can help you in putting on some healthy weight and bulk up. Get the muscular physique you have always wanted.

But before we get into this, let’s understand the concept of weight gainers.

What Is A Weight Gainer Powder?

Weight gainers are basically protein powders that are packed with calories and protein along with a bit of sugar and fat. A weight gainer powder can serve as a meal replacement or an addition to your ongoing diet routine to help you enrich with clean calories and make your daily diet a bulking diet.

You cannot fixate the number of calories per serving for all weight gainers as every brand has different calories per serving for their weight gainers. Some weight gainer powders might offer you as less 400kcal or even below per serving while some can offer you a whopping 1300kcal per serving. Always determine your daily calorie needs to gain and then choose your weight gain supplement accordingly.

Here are a few things to consider before buying your first or next pack of weight gainer powder:

  • If you have lactose intolerance, choose vegan weight gainers as they are low in lactose
  • Make sure you read the label to know what’s inside your gainer
  • Look out for any additional sugar, preservatives, or other harmful substances
  • Check out if your weight gainer contains components like creatine, so that you don’t consume creatine or other supplements additionally

Check out the 5 amazing weight gainers that you can immediately buy to bulk up in a healthy way:

ON Serious Mass Gainer

This weight gainer by ON is the best deal you can have if you want to bulk up without putting on the unhealthy body fat. This high protein mass gainer contains no added sugar. It is fortified with 24 vitamins and minerals and comes in a variety of delicious flavors. The recommended usage is 3 times a day- post-workout, in-between meals, and before bedtime. Each 334g serving of this product fuels you with 1258 calories with 251g carbs and 53g protein.

MuscleBlaze Super Gainer XXL Weight Gainer

This special gaining formula is devised for hardcore fitness buffs who want to gain sturdy muscles and a well-built physique. With each 100g serving of this weight gain powder, you get 15g protein which is a combination of slow and fast-release proteins. It also enriches you with 75g carbs per 100g serving to maintain a sustained calorie release in your body and fuel your muscles for a longer period of time. It is also enriched with 27 essential vitamins and minerals to fulfill your daily micronutrient needs. This product is free from any added sugar or trans fats. Per 100g serving fuels you with 375 calories. This product is a revolutionary addition to the world of weight gain supplements.

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My Protein Weight Gainer Blend

This is one of the best weight gainers available in the market for all those who are struggling to gain healthy weight and stack up some muscle mass. This can be easily used as your post & pre workout aid as it contains a moderate amount of calories. It’s extremely low on sugar and thus ideal for all those who want to gain weight in a healthy manner. This low-carb weight gainer powder has a good balance between normal protein powders and weight gain powders. You can definitely choose this one if you want to use a healthy weight gainer. It’s low on sugar content and allows you to mix it with other ingredients like peanut butter or milk. Every 100g serving of this product offers you 388 calories with 31g protein and 50g carbs.

GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer

This unique weight gain formula is ideal for those who are involved in bodybuilding or athletics. It fuels you with additional calories so that you can put on the extra kilos you have always wanted to. All the calories are derived from the cleanest sources. When you mix 3 scoops full of this weight gain powder with double toned milk, you get 2200 calories with 73g of protein and 440g carbohydrates. The product is enriched with digestive enzymes that help in breaking down carbs and protein. This product also contains BCAA that fuels muscle recovery in athletes and bodybuilders. This product not only helps with weight gain but also muscle gain.

Six Pack Nutrition Bulk

This product is a potent blend of protein and carbohydrates in a ratio of 1:5 along with 11 vital vitamins. This weight gainer is powered by the B complex of vitamins to amp up muscle growth, riboflavin for energy generation, and Vitamin B12 for coordinating muscle movements via your central nervous system. To boost muscle recovery and growth, this product is packed with antioxidants like Vitamin C & E. this energy-dense formula helps in speeding up the metabolism and helps those with weak appetite.

So, now you know which weight gainers to choose to meet your gaining goals. Just make sure that you are consuming a calorie-rich diet with all the nutrients on your plate and consuming these supplements alongside a moderate amount of workout.

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