All About Full Mouth Dental Implants

Missing a tooth or two can ultimately lead to various dental and oral health issues, and much more if you have lost several of your teeth. Fortunately, technology and dental innovations have already become more accessible these days. Accordingly, the majority of the mass can now resolve these kinds of concerns just by going to the dentist.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants have become one of the most effective treatments to resolve various common dental and oral problems. In most cases, this procedure immediately helps solve missing tooth or teeth concerns.

Instead of dentures and other traditional processes, many dentists now recommend implants. This is because the treatment offers more benefits, and they last much longer than any other treatment process.

With today’s technology, implants are now made easier and more convenient. Moreover, there are now several types of implants, allowing patients to have wider options.

Why Full Mouth Dental Implants

A full mouth implant treatment is the latest method dentists utilize to replace and restore a full set of teeth. This is also the most difficult treatment, by far, considering its wide scope and range.

But, despite the difficulties on the dental expert’s part, this type of dental implant offers more benefits than any other implant kinds. Keep in mind, though, that they are most suitable for people who lost several teeth or for individuals who need to replace their entire dental system.

Types of Full Mouth Dental Implants Treatments

Generally, there are three types of full mouth dental implants. Two of which have already become too popular among patients across the globe. Take time to understand the variations of each to determine which one will fit best your condition:

  • Conventional Dental Implants

Conventional implants are the most common type of all. Patients will require two or more several visits to the dentist as the process takes time to complete.

The initial process will revolve around the placing of implants within the jaw. Once done, patients will need to wait for at least three months to recover and heal.

During that time, this will allow the implants to integrate, as well. After the healing and integrating process, patients will need to visit again for the final teeth prosthesis over the implants.

Under the conventional, there are two kinds of full mouth implants. These are the all-on-four and the all-on-six.

  • Immediate Loading Dental Implants

Immediate loading is also known as “Basal Implants.” Some even refer to its as the “teeth in a day” or “same-day implants.”

The reason being is that patients who will have this treatment will only take a day for the process to complete. Most dentists require this for patients who have a low bone density or low volume in their jaws.

The process does not require grafting, making the entire treatment easy and convenient.

  • Zygoma implants

Zygoma Implants are not quite common yet in recent times. Apart from the treatment being too complex, it also requires high-skilled dentists. This is why there are only a few experts who offer this type of full mouth dental implant and only a few patients who undergo this process.

Dentists only require zygomatic implants when the upper jaw bone no longer has the strength to support any regular or conventional implants. Instead of integrating the implants in the usual place, it will take its support from the zygomatic bone or “cheekbones.”

Benefits of Full Mouth Dental Implant

There are four main benefits of having a full mouth dental implant. While there are a lot more, especially coming from the actual patients, these four given points are the most common:

  • Comfort

Many people, even dental experts, attest to the overall comfort of having a full mouth dental implant. Unlike dentures, implants are fixed onto the bone structure, allowing each implant to fit properly.

Cleaning and brushing are also very easy to do. Moreover, eating and drinking are more convenient as they are moving according to the patient’s jaw.

  • Stability

In parallel with the above-given point, full mouth implants are very stable. As mentioned, the implants are fixed and integrated directly onto the bone structure. So, patients need no longer worry, especially when in public, as implants eliminate the risk of accidental denture slips, particularly when eating and drinking.

  • Better Bones

Patients may also enjoy the benefits of having better, stronger bones. Based on studies and research, dentures cause the other way around.

Experts claimed that traditional dentures have the risks of bone deterioration, recessed jaw, and collapsed mouth.

  • Easier Maintenance

Implants are very easy to maintain. With the right and proper dental and oral hygiene, all types and kinds of implants will surely last.

It is worth noting, as well, that dental implants are not inexpensive. This factor alone helps, and even forces, patients to take better care of their new set of pearly whites.

Bottom Line

All in all, full mouth implants are a very effective and cost-efficient treatment for teeth replacement. There are tons of benefits, as well, that can help each patient increase the quality of their lifestyle.

While the advantages outweigh the cons, it is still best for you to consult first with your dentist at Skymark Smile Centre. They will know the necessary steps for you to take, especially if you have missing teeth and other common dental health problems.

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