6 Tips for Fast Recovery After C-Section

6 Tips for Fast Recovery After C-Section

C-section is major abdominal surgery; it involves an incision to the abdomen and uterus to deliver the baby. C-section requires more time as compared to vaginal delivery. This is because the incision requires more time to heal and recover. There could be many reasons which may give rise to the need for a C-section.

Most importantly, C-section is a more secure option to deliver a baby for both mother and baby. This is due to associated complications and risks. Many times mothers opt for C-sections as they cannot bear the pain involved in vaginal delivery. No matter, whatever the reason is, C-section is time taking when it comes to healing.

Tips For Fast Recovery

After a vaginal delivery, women usually get back to a normal state and may perform routine tasks normally. On the other hand, delivering a baby with a C-section needs more time as well as attention to heal and get back to a normal state. Normally it takes a week for stitches to dissolve, and internally it might take as long as six months to heal completely.

Here are some tips which might help in making you feel more comfortable and confident about recovery. It may also provide useful tips for a speedy recovery.

Get Plenty Of Rest

C-section, a major surgery, involves abdominal and uterus incision requires time to recover and heal. It is important to get yourself enough rest and avoid unnecessary stress on the body. Normally, rest and care of about six weeks are recommended for a cesarean. Though it is hard to stick to the bed, it is essential for relatively fast pace recovery.

Exertion and excessive may worsen the bruise and make it more painful. It may also slow down healing. It is wise to take assistance and support from close friends or relatives to help you perform routine tasks. However, try to do small tasks by yourself and keep yourself moving a bit.

Avoid Alcohol To Ease Recovery

Avoid either taking in the form of a drink or used to clean wounds is harmful in any way. Heavy alcohol drinkers might face trouble with quick healing. Patients sometimes may even complain about slower recovery and healing. Also, alcohol used to clean wounds and avoid infection is also not a safe option and may even lead to wound scarring.

It is essential to avoid alcohol after major surgery to ease the healing process. If it is hard to totally give up alcohol, then limiting the intake to a moderate level might help avoid its hazardous effects. If it seems hard to overcome drinking habits all by you, then in such cases, certainly to cope with alcohol abuse, numerous rehab centers might help.

Focus On Good Nutrition

It is very important to look for nutritious food choices that help with fast recovery. In C-section, protein-rich food, both meat-based and plant-based, is beneficial for wound healing and helps the body with new tissue development. Eat fresh and simple food that is easier to digest and also provides nutrients needed by the body.

Avoid bad food options such as junk food, fried food, and processed food. This is very important as such food has low nutritional value and does not even help with healing. Also, take plentiful fluids as it is easy to digest and also helps to avoid constipation.

Kegels Routine

Postpartum pelvic exercises are essential to help pelvic muscles get back their strength. Pelvic muscles are stretched enormously during pregnancy to support the baby; after delivery, the muscles become weak and loose. In order to regain shape and strength, it is essential to do Kegels in routine.

After a cesarean, it is very important to follow it with the help of a professional as the technique matters a lot. The wrong technique might increase the chance of worsening the wound and muscles around it. Also, begin with low-impact pelvic exercise and then gradually build your stamina.

Baby Your Body

Cesarean delivery requires extra care, so it is better to baby your body. Major surgery requires time, energy, and care to recover back to normal. It is essential to take good care of yourself. Try to keep frequent necessities close to you to avoid unnecessarily getting up for stuff.

You may also seek help from a partner, friend, and close relatives. In case of sneezing or cough, hold the incision area firmly to avoid sudden jerks. It is also very important to avoid stairs for a while or at least six weeks after surgery.

If you live upstairs, then shifting downstairs might prove useful. It is also important to keep your body engaged in gentle movements to regain strength gradually.

Relieve Your Pain

Cesarean delivery is accompanied by much pain. It is due to deep incisions on the abdomen and uterus. As soon as anesthesia’s effect goes off, the patient begins to experience sharp pain around the incision area. It is essential to take pain killers and other prescribed medicine regularly to avoid unnecessary pain.

Usually, doctors prescribe some painkillers and antibiotics. Do not forget to take antibiotics as it might help to avoid infections around the incision area. In case of any persistent and unbearable pain, immediately contact your doctor.

When To See Doctor

Cesarean involves major abdominal surgery, and it takes time to heal properly. It is very important to know warning signs getting it treated and fixed by a medical professional. Even if the problem is not serious, then examination and rectification are important in case of any doubt. These are some warning signs:

  • Swelling, redness, or pus around the incision area
  • Fever higher than 100.4F
  • Persistent pain around the incision area
  • Heavy vaginal bleeding
  • Swelling in legs

Take Away

Childbirth with cesarean delivery requires attention and care. There are some key points that are essential to follow in order to ease the healing process. It is essential to pamper yourself and take plenty of rest. Try to manage some exercise as it helps to regain strength and stamina. It is important to contact the doctor and get a proper diagnosis immediately in case of warning signals.


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