Using Essential Oil During Conception, Pregnancy, And Beyond

Using Essential Oil During Conception, Pregnancy, And Beyond

For many women around the world, conception can prove subtle, tiring, and traumatic experiences which results negatively for the couples who are involved. It is mandatory to make sure that the environment for both the baby and the mother has to be peaceful and soothing. Women who struggle a lot to conceive are recommended to take a break from thinking about it as often as possible. So, it is important to relax, sit back, and crave for ‘me time’. Create an environment that is soothing and relaxing for the body, mind, and soul. You can diffuse a blend of Sandalwood and Lavender in the evening time. Aroma spa diffusers are perfect for use and feature a mood uplifting light to aid the woman to help them feel solace. Jasmine essential oil’s aphrodisiac properties are also advantageous in this case, it is a good option to combine 2 drops of oils and apply them to the chest whenever there is a need for it.

Remedies for happy 9 months: 

The period of pregnancy is a golden period for women as it is the most wonderful time for a woman to go through the process of being a mother to her baby. But no matter the degree of happiness it brings to the family, it comes with multiple reasons for health concerns and anxiety. The key to overcome is to be in a state of serenity as much as possible. And also, it is crucial to keep in mind for the moms who have conceived for the first time in their lives to be extra cautious to navigate the path through that beautiful yet worrisome 9 months. It would be beneficial for mommies to make regular contact with their medical practitioner guidance during this sensitive period, as dwelling on unnecessary stress and anxiety can result negatively on the overall health of the baby.

It is advised not to use the oil on the skin for the first three months of the pregnancy, but it can be used as a diffusing oil in the home which can help ease some of the negative side effects that are related to pregnancy. The best way to beat morning sickness is to blend 2 drops of Peppermint or Ginger essential oil with three drops of lemon essential oil in a diffuser and take deep sniffs to relax the stomach. It is vital to be careful and it should not be overdone and the time limit of the diffuser must not go on for no longer than one hour in 24 hours. Essential oils can be used on the skin after the completion of three months, but it is best to check first with a medical consultant or authentic aromatherapist. And get good products from Young Living Essential Oils.

Post Pregnancy: 

After the baby comes into the world, he or she lightens the entire house with the giggle and baby charm, but the baby also adds to the stress for the parents due to the intricate attention that babies demand along with the haphazard sleeping pattern of babies. But you can defeat all the stress and give a boost to your mood by using four drops of Grapefruit, Orange, Lime, or Lemon essential oil to a diffuser that gently fills the room with a refreshing aroma.

Pregnant women must never ignore the essence of essential oil as it can become a special healer to impart peace and freshness to the overall mood of the mother that automatically results in positive growth for the baby’s mind, soul, and mental wellbeing. It is also mandatory to be cautious to use it in the right way to extract optimum benefit.


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