Top 12 Side Effects of Starvation

Top 12 Side Effects of Starvation

You all may have come to know about starvation so many times, and do you know what this condition is? Starvation is a condition in which no food is provided for an extended period. Severe deficiency of calorie intake is due to starvation. Here in this blog, we will share what are the side effects of starvation? A nutrient deficiency would damage the internal organs and be quite dangerous to deal with all mental or physical problems. Take a look at the following side effects.


When it comes to malnutrition, you should know it is because of deficiency of nutrients, excess or imbalance of nutrients. The most damaging effect of forced starvation usually means that you don’t overeat, leading to nutrient deficiency. Once vitamins and essential nutrients are excluded from the diet, you would face so many health issues.


Lack of food or water for so long always slows down the energy of your body, as well as poor nutrition that leads to dehydration. When people involve themselves in drug addiction, it also causes dehydration. It may lead you to cracked and dry skin, lethargy, lack of urinary and low blood pressure and constipation. It’s essential to increase the water intake and people on a starvation diet that disturbs electrolyte balance and glycogen levels.

Reduce Metabolic Rate

Starvation for a long time decreases the metabolic rate and deprives your body of food and water that exhaust the stored energy. Chronic starvation decreases the metabolic rate and affect your health. People should avoid starvation as much as they can.

Missed Menstrual Period

Starvation gives so many problems that it upsets your regulated periods. A starvation diet must be considered before taking. This issue occurs because of the production of female sex hormones by regulating receptors. Prolonged starvation shrinks the fat cells, and lack of fat cells causes a lack of estrogen. It also damages the organ and body process and becomes so slow that it stops menstruation.


Do you know starvation cause constipation? Various searches have shown that severe starvation leads you to many disorders requiring regular laxatives to be stored. Regular intake of laxatives helps to flush out the colon. If you want to get rid of this, then leave starvation diet on an immediate basis because it will make your bowel movement affected.

Weight loss

Starvation continues to lose weight at an alarming rate. Changes in skin and musculature bring developmental changes. Prolonged starvation always causes bone loss because cells break down. It also affects bone mineral density and decreases the overall bone strength.


Starvation gives fatigue and upsets the balance of essential vitamins in the body, slows down the physiological processes that lead to fatigue, and gives a slight headache. If you all are fatigued, skip the starvation because it will not provide you with anything.

Effects Blood Pressure

Chronic starvation lowers blood pressure levels because the body is entirely away from food and water. Low blood pressure affects body health and is difficult to measure.

Imbalance Electrolyte

Starvation imbalances the electrolyte that often causes dehydration after prolonged fasting. Whenever you feel the electrolyte imbalance sodium, potassium, and phosphorus, calcium level deficiency is common.

It Affects the Brain Health

Long starvation affects brain health and exhausts the glucose needed for the effective functioning of cognitive abilities. Usually, starvation, as per various searches, decreases brain glucose consumption and biochemical reactions with this.

Hair loss

The starvation mode gives you massive hair loss, and it may provide you with stress. Take yourself out of starvation because it will provide you with huge depression that will not be easier to handle. Make sure you people are taking enough nutrients to get rid of this issue to keep yourself staying healthy. These nutrients must be taken with protein and fatty acids.

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Mental health issues affect health and also bring nutritional deficiency. If you people are not eating enough, then your body will go into starvation mode. Lack of nutrients affects the mood’s positivity, including the omega-3 fatty acids, iron, folate, vitamin D, B, zinc, and iodine. Somehow depression leads people to drug addiction and rehab centers provide best treatments along treatment guides for taking out people from this curse. Starvations often give depression and we usually don’t know the actual reason.

What Should you do to Take Yourself out of Starvation?

Planning Meals and Snacks

It’s imperative to plan the food that helps you to remember what you should eat regularly. It allows ensuring that you people are getting enough nutrients to avoid starvation mode. Take walnuts and other nuts to make sure that you are also getting proper nutrients from the snack. Eat leafy veggies to consume potassium and magnesium regularly.

Eat in Regular Intervals

Mostly you feel not hungry; that is also a symptom of starvation mode. If you want to get yourself out of the weight loss journey, keep yourself sticking to a small meal or snack every three to four hours. Eat regularly to avoid starvation.

Keep Yourself Indulged in Physical Activity

If you people have started the weight loss journey without maintaining muscle mass, you will start losing the muscle with the fat immediately. It keeps up your metabolism level and burns calories faster. Keep yourself involved in physical activity with weight machines or some light exercise.

These are the side effects of starvation, and we have also shared the tips to get your body out of starvation. Don’t put your body in starvation mode because it will bring abnormal changes in the body and cause death. People who are already low in body weight would result in the irregularity of heart, deficiency of minerals such as sodium, potassium and calcium. You would face additional risks such as anemia, muscle loss, loss of period in women, constipation and mental health concerns. Take recommendations from the doctor so they would suggest the best possible solution to get rid of this immediately.


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