Think Wisely, Water Quality Matters!

Think Wisely, Water Quality Matters!

No resource on earth has the power of granting life except water. It is a basic resource used by all of us. However, in the last few years, pollution, lack of clean and pure resources is resulting in suffering. It is a much-needed asset for all of us. Many water brands are treating it with various treatments and processes so that we can use it for consumption. Contaminants-free water is a very basic need but unfortunately, the preserved water by companies is sometimes treated with chemicals. Also, some companies claim false statements and fill the bottles with dirty and contaminated filtered liquid by giving the name of pure and clean bottled water.

Responsible Entity for Water Pollution

This resource is needed by us the most, but also, we are the ones who are increasing the environmental factors which are resulting in pollution of water. For instance, we dump the waste of industry in it, the increase in temperature reduces the level of oxygen in return, and the composition of water alters. We are the ones responsible for deforestation. Because of it, residues are caused that form bacteria under the ground and contaminates the underground water resource. We also use pesticides in the field of agriculture which are responsible for filtering underground channels. This also increases the number of contaminants. The other important issue is sewerage that is often discharged into the drinking water supply system. Due to this alarming situation, the quality is deteriorating day by day. A little percentage of the population has access to safe and healthy liquids. Other ones suffer from waterborne diseases which in the worst situation can lead to death. We immediately need to overlook this situation because health factors cannot be compromised at any cost. We have to take protection measures for unhygienic liquids.

What Even is Alkaline Water and Is It Really Better Than Regular Water? |  SELF

The liquid we consume daily is achieved from underground sources and aquifers. What needs to be done in such a situation? Firstly, as responsible citizens, we need to take steps for eradicating pollution but these things and processes are time taking. Initiatives like these are time-consuming and need a long time to be implemented properly. After a sufficient time, such efforts show the result. For now, the best solution is to treat your family with bottled water but make its choice wisely.

Parameters for The Quality of Water

While buying keep some conditions in mind that is it pure and natural? Is the company well known? Is the covering durable? Is the packaging healthy for your health? And lastly, is the company contributing towards the economical factor of the country. Also, we have to keep in mind that many of us have consumed contaminated water. Or maybe, we have excessive acids in our body? Acids can be only treated with alkalis so decide on alkaline water brands while making a purchase. These types of bottled water are infused with beneficial salts which have a good impact on our hair growth, skin, and overall health. They also clean the toxins from our bodies along with harmful toxins. In short, alkaline water is a package that offers many other benefits along with quenching thirst. Also, when we talk about the word “pure”, do you think that in the world of industry and technology, we are left with pure water? Most of the companies are simply gathering liquid and treat it with a purification process. Unfortunately, this process is not enough as we have harmful chemicals like lead and arsenic mixed with underground resources. The natural source left for us is rainwater, and it will also remain pure only if we collect it before it comes the part of the ground. Think about it, because the choice matters.

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