Things You Must Know Before Starting Your IVF Treatment

Things You Must Know Before Starting Your IVF Treatment

The bar of infertility diagnosis amongst multiple young couples is surging exponentially due to a varied number of reasons. To comfort the problems of the distressed, the biggest boon of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)- IVF,  has come to be of the greatest use.

Although the body is probed and manipulated with the aid of treatment, the dream of having a healthy pregnancy is achieved through IVF. The treatment through IVF has now helped almost 50-60% of the couples having trouble to conceive a baby.

However beautiful and dreamy the journey seems, people often face a few bumps in the road to their destination. The journey to achieving pregnancy through IVF might not be all rainbows and roses.

So before you and your partner plan your IVF journey with your IVF specialist, we have listed certain things that could help you ease this journey.

1. Research The Process:

Before starting your IVF journey, it is crucial to understand the fundamentals of the process. Being well-informed about each step will help you prepare yourself mentally for everything that you have encountered on the IVF journey. It will give you the strength to deal with the physical and emotional changes. So ask as many questions as you can.

At our IVF centre in Delhi , patients are provided with a detailed consultation to ensure maximum transparency and information.

2. Get To A Healthy Weight:

Having a healthy BMI (body mass index) is of extreme importance. BMI over 30 and below 19 is detrimental to health and can create obstacles for the women who are trying to conceive a baby. Make note that an improper BMI also hinders conceiving a baby through IVF. Being overweight can pose a problem for fertility doctors to aspirate eggs while being underweight means difficulty in maintaining hormone levels for producing mature eggs.

3. Age Is The Strongest Factor:

Hearing people say “Time is of the essence” is very true for the women who are considering starting their IVF journey. The probability of getting pregnant even through IVF after the age of 35 is less. Only 20% of women from age 38 to 40 get pregnant while 10% are aged from 41-42 years and the chances drop to 1% after the age of 44. With such a clock ticking continuously, the plan of starting an IVF journey must be made carefully. If you are concerned about the age factor, there are other options available as well, such as donor eggs.

4. IVF Is A Lengthy Process:

Movies and TV shows often portray women popping some colorful pills as a part of the treatment for their IVF process. Sorry to burst the bubble but that is absolutely untrue! IVF medications involve taking self-administered shots for 10-12 days before the procedure to regulate the hormone levels so that the doctors can retrieve the healthiest possible egg from the ovarian stimulation.

Suppressing the immune system won't improve your chances of conceiving with  IVF

5. IVF Can Be Financially Draining:

On average, a single IVF cycle can cost approximately Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 1,25,000. The success rate of IVF is roughly around 30%- 50% for each cycle and this too, depends on the optimum health conditions of the patient. Complications reduce the probability of the same. Therefore sometimes, successful implantation might require two to three cycles. The cost might even vary depending upon the different requirements of the patients. Thus it is important to sort out finances and make a proper plan before starting your journey.

6. You Will Experience Side Effects:

Being more emotional than usual is extremely common when you undergo an IVF treatment. The major reason is- you’ll be administering yourself with hormones daily. Besides the emotional changes, certain physical changes are likely to be experienced. Minor physical side effects such as pressure, cramping or bloating in the pelvic area, breast tenderness, and minor discomfort are common. In some cases, it has been observed that a woman’s ovaries produce too many eggs. This phenomenon is known as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). Symptoms can include weight gain, severe pain or swelling in the abdomen, dizziness, shortness of breath, nausea, and vomiting. If such symptoms are experienced, one must contact the doctor immediately.

At our IVF centre in Delhi , all the issues faced before, during, or after the procedures are addressed immediately so that the procedure is carried out with utmost convenience.

7. Risks Are Involved:

It is a common practice to plant more than one embryo in the uterus to ensure that implantation might occur out of at least one embryo. Getting pregnant with multiple babies might increase the risk of premature birth. To steer clear of the doubts, it is always better to get tests done frequently.

There have been certain speculations claiming that the fertility drug Letroz causes birth defects, especially cardiac defects in the child when conceived through IVF. Well that seems untrue. Research shows that there are no birth or cardiac defects caused by this fertility drug.

At KJIVF, with a phenomenal experience of 20+ years, there have been no records of a fertility drug causing complications with the mother or the child.

Patience Is Always Rewarded:

IVF is a tough journey to take on. Your patience is tested but keep in mind that persistence will pay off. If your odds of getting pregnant are low, try considering options like donor eggs or donor embryos. Keep your health and finances in check. Also analyzing the risk factors can help understand the process ahead of time and ease the journey long ahead. These facts must be kept in mind before starting the process. A partner’s support is equally important so that the patient is not disheartened.

At KJIVFs IVF centre in Delhi , all the couples that consider starting an IVF procedure are briefed thoroughly about the procedure and counseled by doctors personally, so that the couple/individual can have the freedom of choice to make decisions that are best for them.

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