Substance Abuse and the Effects of Stigmatisation of the Patients

Substance Abuse and the Effects of Stigmatisation of the Patients

Substance abuse casts a big, dark shadow upon the lives of the people who are doing them and also the whole social order that surrounds around them. This is a social problem and must be taken in by cumulative efforts from the society itself for its eradication and not only by the suboxone treatment doctors.

There are several kinds of reasons why each year millions of individuals succumb to the harrowing effects of substance and drug abuse. Out of these people, only a lucky few receive proper treatment and comprehensive support by the Local suboxone doctors, as the society is such that they would rather judge cruelly than provide any comfort.

Patients who are struggling with addiction have to face a lot of stigma around their sufferings. It happens, as reported by many suboxone doctors, because it is a known fact that drug addicts resort to a lot of vices and various sins in order to say satiate their cravings of these substances. The addicts have a propensity to downplay the reasons which compel them to turn to drug abuse in the first place. What concerns them more is the effect this kind of substances has on individuals and thus, they are incriminated for their own behaviour.

The World Health Organization or WHO, reportedly have considered stigma as a causative agent of exclusion as well as and discrimination which leads to a violation of many human rights.

The negative mode of emotions and beliefs which a group of people nurse against a set of people or an issue results in, rejection, prejudice and discriminatory attitude.

Preconceived notions, assumptions and ill-informed generalised ideas rather than hard facts and evidence result into these kinds of negative mind-sets.

People who manifest marginalised behaviour, reclusive attitude and nurse socially undesirable traits, are often targeted by these stigmas. Victims shaming and complete disregard to their existence are done by people rather than understanding the problem and coming forward to help them get better and become socially accepted human beings.

The Stigma Associated with Drug Addiction and Abuse

In spite of the fact that these people need rehabilitation and treatment to release their suffering from drug abuse, these ill fated people are mostly at the receiving end of social stigmas.

According to the researchers in these fields, the usage of insulting and derogatory labels and terms such as crack head or junkie can generate a significant amount of stigma and shame in these individuals.

We all are affected by stigma. The moment a patient decides to get better, even when he or she would search online for various options for sublocade treatment or visit these kinds of centres, they would be stigmatised. People have a very downgrading and condescending kind of an attitude for people who are dealing with these kinds of ailments.

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There have been cases where people who are suffering from substance abuse have been treated worst than hard-core criminals, in their close social circuits as well. The victim shaming is very common in today’s time and these kinds of prejudices have escalated so much that even considering to go through a treatment might result in the eviction of the person from his or her job, property and even family.

Negative Impact Associated with Stigma

Each day new surveys and studies conducted in these kinds of rehabilitation centres reveal that there is a huge requirement of basic understanding of these patients and their conditions by the society. Reeling under the negative impacts of substance and drug addiction for a longer period of time, these people only ask for a little more compassion, kindness and understanding of the whole situation. This assistance provided by peers, colleagues and obviously the family is the very element of a social fibre and if we fail to provide these people a second chance devoid of judgments and discrimination then we are failing as a society.

There are several kinds of negative impacts which are triggered in these patients who are suffering from addiction whenever they are ostracised or stigmatised by the public such as,

  • Many afflicted individuals feel ashamed and therefore do not access the healthcare facilities since there has been a lot of perceived stigma associated with the visitation of the suboxone doctors near me and hospitals which work in this field.
  • Seeking any kind of treatment is also discouraged and as a result it amplifies the medical expenses and there is a sharp increase in sublocade costs.
  • The widespread stigma surrounding people, who use drugs, causes society to undermine and downplay public interventions for harm reduction like safe drug consumption rooms, needle exchanges and even substitution therapies.

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