Rain Eye Drops Reviews For Dry Eyes

Rain Eye Drops Reviews For Dry Eyes

If you suffer from dry eyes like I do then you know how hard it is to find the right eye drop. As a mother of 3 and part time project manager working from home, I keep my hands pretty full. Dry eyes are simply not something I have time for. I refuse to let it control me or my life! I also didn’t want my scratchy and painful eyes to ruin my many quality years that I still have left to live. If you’re frustrated and looking for a solution like I was then I hope what I have to say here today will help you get relief and change your life like it did for me.

How bad was my dry eye? I had probably spent several hundred dollars on different eye drops over the last 2 years up until now and almost none of it worked. My dry eyes kept getting worse. It got so bad that my vision started to get blurry and I couldn’t sleep even after putting gel all over my eyes.

Unfortunately I was stuck with severe dry eye and nothing seemed to work. After trying dozens of different drops and going to 3 different eye specialists I was at my wits end. Then I discovered Rain eye drops. This brand was different from all the usual brands that I had heard of before. It was also different from what the doctors kept telling me to buy. I read some Rain eye drop reviews online and it certainly piqued my interest. However, after being let down so many times by “experts” I was still skeptical.

Rain eye drops is a smaller company compared to major brands. But that is also what makes them and their product so special. They only believe in producing eye drops that are 100% preservative free and that are free from all harmful chemicals. Because they company is smaller they can stay true to their principles. Their mission is to help others and you can tell they really care about what goes into our eyes.

Finally I found a company that uses some common sense and applies it to my vision health. I decided to order a box of their eye drops myself. Just 1 box to try it out. I immediately felt a soothing feeling that I have not felt since I was a young girl, long before any vision issues ever stuck their ugly head into my life. My eyes felt normal again!

Now this is where things get really interesting. In the past I would find an eye drop that seemed to help, but only for a while. After a few days or a week my eyes would get irritated again and go right back to being dry, scratchy and red. Rain eye drops seem to only get better the more I use it. And that is by design. The founders of Rain know that people like us with severe dry eye will use drops everyday. I use them 2 or sometimes 3 times per day if I need to. Rain knows this.

That’s why they make their formula as clean and gentle as possible. Rain wanted to give us a daily remedy without the usual kick of side effects that come with overuse like with other drops. This is my secret weapon to keeping my eyes feeling great and getting long lasting relief. My doctor was amazed by my progress and told me to keep it up. Now he recommends Rain to all of his patients as an alternative eye drop that is 100% preservative free.

After a little less than a month I went through my first box of Rain eye drops and couldn’t be happier. I also use their Rain Eye gummies which have all the nutrients that my eyes need to stay healthy. All of the five star Rain Eye Drops reviews I read online turned out to be extremely accurate. I gave them my own glowing review about my dry eye journey but that wasn’t enough. I felt the need to post my story online in case there is anyone else out there who needs hope.

It takes me just two minutes per day to apply the Rain drops and take my Rain eye gummies. I usually take the drops and a gummy once in the morning and once before bed. This keeps my eyes comfortable all day. It has made a huge difference in my eye health and my ability to focus, work, or just enjoy a movie or reading a book.

Now I am so much happier than before, less irritable, and my entire family is seeing a difference in me. It turns out that me no longer wanting to claw my eyes out or having trouble sleeping makes me more pleasant to be around! Who would have thought? But seriously those were just a few of the benefits of getting relief. The main benefit is that I feel like myself again. I can enjoy life without having to worry about it anymore and dreading that my vision is going to get worse unless I do something about it.

If you want to try Rain for yourself don’t bother going to your local drug store. They won’t have it. I have only found Rain eye drops online and I shop on their company website which is https://tryrain.com/shop

UPDATE: Now 3 months later I can report that my eyes are still feeling great. It is definitely the Rain eye drops doing it too. I recently went on a little trip and forgot my Rain eye drops (darn it!). After a couple nights at the hotel sleeping with AC my eyes felt like they were in a drought (Get it? A drought because I needed some Rain!). Luckily I ordered several boxes on their website last time so once I got home I had plenty of Rain relief waiting for me. Go buy Rain now and thank me later!

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