Qualities of a Reliable Drug Rehabilitation Center

Qualities of a Reliable Drug Rehabilitation Center

If someone close to you has a drug or alcohol addiction, it’s only natural for you to want to find the best facility for that person’s recovery. Finding the most suitable facility means looking for a place that has all the right qualities put together. These are some of the qualities you need to seek in a rehabilitation facility for a loved one:

A Variety of Services

The first thing you should look for in a prospective addiction recovery facility is a variety of services. You’ll want to choose a facility that offers everything from detoxification to post-release support. The facility you choose should offer one-on-one therapy that will help the addicted person get to the root of the issue. Group counseling should also be an option there because it gives the addicted person the opportunity to meet other people who are struggling with the same issues as him or her. Alternative therapies are also good to have in a rehabilitation facility. Read more here to find out about various services.

Friendly Staff

The staff at a rehabilitation center need to be professional and personable. They should have the appropriate credentials and express a certain level of business-like behavior. However, they should also be compassionate and empathetic when dealing with people in recovery. Sometimes, you can’t tell how personable people are from a phone conversation. You might have to wait until you visit the facility to gauge the personalities of the staff members. You need to set up a consultation with each facility you consider admitting your loved one too if you want to find the best in the industry.

Positive Reviews

When comparing drug rehabilitation facilities, you need to read the reviews that current and former clients wrote about them. These reviews and testimonials will give you information about the experiences such individuals had at the drug rehabilitation facility. You can use the reviews and star ratings to narrow your choices. Generally, you should choose facilities that have more than three out of five stars or more than six out of 10 stars. This will ensure that you connect with an honorable establishment that has a reputation for treating its clients well.

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A Clean Facility 

A reputable rehabilitation facility also needs to have a high level of cleanliness. They should be sanitizing their facility to industry standards and taking precautions to ensure that no one in the facility gets sick. You can speak to the administrators about that when you schedule the consultation.


Finally, you will need to look for a facility that offers aftercare for the people who graduate from the program. Aftercare is an important part of the recovery process that should be included to ensure that every person has the best chance of recovering. It would be wise to seek this in a facility you want to have your loved one attend.

Not every drug rehabilitation facility offers aftercare, but it’s a vital component for people struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. Those individuals need to have supportive people in their corner through all stages of their battle against addiction. This support includes aftercare. Aftercare can help an individual prevent relapse because his or her sponsors will be there to help that person fight cravings and temptations. Therefore, you should seek a facility that offers aftercare services such as checkups, 12-step support, and other services.

Find the Right Facility for Your Loved One Now

Those are the main qualities you should seek in any rehabilitation facility. You can use the knowledge stated above to find a facility that will give your loved one the greatest chance of recovering from his or her addiction. You’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel sometime soon.

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