Physiotherapy: Who Can Benefit and How Can it Help?

Physiotherapy: Who Can Benefit and How Can it Help?

Physiotherapy is a fantastic, holistic approach to healing your body. This method of treatment uses a multifaceted approach to treat the causes as well as the effect of a range of different conditions, concerns and issues. Due to the variation and inclusive nature of the discipline, physiotherapy really is for everyone and anyone who is looking to take better care of their body and therefore themselves. Health is not mean for just one type of person for body, it’s a right and we all owe it to ourselves to seek the treatment we need to make our day to day life as enjoyable, comfortable and active as we can! Here are the specific benefits of physio and some of the types on offer for different conditions and patient demographics…

Physiotherapy Benefit

Physiotherapy has so many different benefits, and every unique specialised area of the discipline has its own strengths. Just some of the benefits include…

Safety: The attentive, one on one time that you will spend treating or conditioning your body is incredibly safe. Safety when healing needs to be a top priority, no matter what it is that you are suffering from. Enjoy the utmost safety when you head into your physiotherapy session.

Variety: The multifaceted treatment method makes physiotherapy engaging, effecting and highly educational for any patient that’s looking to take their healing outside of the treatment room. Treatment methods include heath and ice therapy, pilates, strength training, pillow fit, posture alignment, dry needling and ultrasound.

Customisation: One of the key strengths of physiotherapy is that it provides you with customised treatment, tailored specially not only to your problem but to your lifestyle, too. This customisation is so incredibly valuable and it is what makes physio so powerfully effective and healing for a range of conditions and concerns. Whether you’re in need of a full rehabilitation program or you’ve simply got a persistent pain that you’ve been meaning to get looked at for ages, the custom fit that physio provides will give you the right care for you.

Different Types of Treatment

There are many specialised areas in the world of physiotherapy! These include…

Sports: Sports physiotherapy is great for treating injuries, conditioning and for perfecting athletic form. Whilst this is highly popular amongst professional athletes, everyone who leads an active lifestyle can benefit from the expertise of a sports physiotherapist.

Women’s Wellness: Women require tailored care for multiple concerns and movements in life. This can include pre and postpartum care, pelvic floor exercises and general women’s wellness concerns.

Geriatric: Underling problems can become more prominent as we age. Geriatric physiotherapy is essential for maintaining health and managing symptoms of developing conditions. Staying fit and active is a must for maximising your later years.

Musculoskeletal: Musculoskeletal physiotherapy involves the restoration of function within your musculoskeletal system. This is also known as Orthopaedic physiotherapy. This is going tone centred around your bones, tendons, muscles, joints and ligaments. You will alleviate pain, increase your mobility, repair injuries, realign your system and help to treat any damage within your soft tissue.

How to Start

Looking to start your journey towards better health? Book in with Evoker or any experienced physiotherapist in Sydney CBD today!

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