Penis Envy Mushroom Review

Penis Envy Mushroom Review

The majority of experienced psychonauts seek out the Penis Envy mushroom due to its high Psilocybin and psilocin levels. The Penis Envy mushroom is thought to have been created by Steve Pollock, a well-known mycologist, from a unique Amazonian mutation isolated by Terrance McKenna. Penis Envy mushrooms are named after the organ they resemble, as they have a thick shaft with bulbous heads that don’t open all the way.

Because of its high Psilocybin content, the Penis Envy mushroom has powerful effects on the body. This shroom provides a balanced experience, leaving you euphoric, energized, and focused on the auditory and visual perceptions associated with the trip. Your woes and stresses will begin to fade as your mood improves. Because of its potent effects, the Penis Envy mushroom is not recommended for beginners. Penis Envy is primarily used to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression.

Growing Penis Envy mushrooms is difficult. The shrooms drop negligible amounts of spores because the majority of the species’ shrooms are sterile. As a result, growers may need to obtain mature shroom cuttings and tend to them as clones or purchase the spores from various online platforms. Penis Envy mushrooms thrive in temperatures ranging from 24 to 25 degrees Celsius and high humidity levels. The shroom is a slow grower, but it eventually yields a bountiful harvest. Mycologists believe the slow growth rate boosts psilocybin levels.

Penis Envy Mushroom Description

The Psilocybe mushroom family includes the Penis Envy mushroom species. Penis Envy mushrooms are more potent than other cubensis shrooms. The stems of these mushrooms are short and thick. The stems, on the other hand, are hollow on the inside but fleshy. The highly potent shrooms have pale underdeveloped caps that do not open fully, resembling the male reproductive organ. You can eat the mushrooms whole or make mushroom tea with some of them. Make sure they’re completely dry before you take them.

Penis Envy Mushroom Effects

Individuals who take Penis Envy shrooms go through four major stages, similar to other magical mushrooms. These stages are as follows: ingestion, the onset of effects, trip, and finally, come-down. These stages differ depending on the method of ingestion and the amount of medication taken. Unlike many cubensis mushrooms, which produce their effects in waves, the Penis Envy shroom provides a consistent high from start to finish. Users report a mood boost and excitement, and euphoria a few minutes after ingesting the mushrooms. Depending on how much you consume, you will begin to notice visual enhancements. You will feel more alive in this environment and reconnect with nature. In addition, your mind will be more open to introspective thoughts. Penis Envy shrooms will increase your appreciation for art and music. The trip lasts about 3-6 hours, depending on the method of ingestion and the amount consumed.

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Penis Envy Shroom Grow Information

Growing the Penis Envy shroom presents some moderate challenges. To begin with, mature Penis Envy shrooms don’t produce many spores. Because the Penis Envy shroom is a cap mutation, most of the mushrooms are sterile. Second, while the spores appear similar under the microscope, their production method differs from other strains. Because spore prints cannot be produced, the only way to obtain Penis Envy spores is through spore syringes.

Nonetheless, mature shroom cuttings and spores can be obtained and cloned, or the spores can be purchased online. Because of the difficulty in obtaining them, the spores may be a little pricey. Shrooms require a moderate temperature to grow. Penis Envy is a slow grower, which prolongs the duration of psilocybin production and increases its composition from the spore stage to the adult stage. The spores typically germinate in three days, though some may take up to ten days. Although the growth rate is slow, the Penis Envy mushrooms are worth waiting for because they produce large fruits.

Penis Envy Mushroom Medical Effects

Penis Envy mushroom has some potential medical benefits in addition to its mind-blowing recreational benefits. The euphoric effects of Penis Envy shroom aid in the relief of stress, anxiety, and other depression-related symptoms. This magical mushroom can also help patients suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder reduce their symptoms. Penis Envy strain may be beneficial in the treatment of addictions and cluster headaches. Penis Envy mushrooms prevent neuronal function decline by promoting neural genesis.

How to consume Penis Envy Mushrooms

One of the most popular ways to consume Penis Envy is by chewing it thoroughly, allowing all the juices to come out, and swallowing it. When Penis Envy is consumed this way, it typically takes approximately 45 minutes for its effects to kick in, however, it is highly dependent on your stomach content – the less you eat before, the better!

Penis Envy Side Effects

Using Penis Envy comes with many side effects. When tripping on this magical shroom, the majority of users experience nausea. This can be avoided by drinking honey ginger tea and staying hydrated, especially when exercising outside. Second, one may struggle to control various motor functions and complete cognitive tasks. Because of these side effects, the shroom is best suited for recreational use.

Where to Buy

These potent mushrooms are made from a type of fungus that thrives in extreme temperatures and conditions. It’s easy to get these super-hot mushrooms delivered to your door; all you have to do is find a seller online like Fungus Head who is willing to ship it directly to your door. When you’ve found one, all you have to do is place your order and wait a few days for your package to arrive. This is where things start to get exciting!


Penis Envy is more potent than other cubensis species. After consuming a small amount of Penis Envy shroom, you can expect a remarkable experience filled with philosophical ideas and intense euphoria. While the experience may be fantastic and memorable for experienced users, the effects may be overwhelming for newcomers. Although growing the shrooms can be frustrating due to various challenges such as high-priced spores and a slow growth rate, the Penis Envy shrooms make up for it in the mind-blowing experience. Finally, avoid mixing this magical shroom with other drugs, particularly alcohol.

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