Dermal Fillers And Laser Liposuction Can Bring You Back The Younger Look

While aging our body starts to change in the way that we wish not to. We start to get fine lines and wrinkles, our skin is getting thin out, the weight is harder to put in control, and our metabolism is getting slower. Now, there are available procedures to remain the look that you desire to.

How can dermal filler treatment affect your skin?

Dermal fillers are natural substances that are injected into the skin and they approve the appearance of the skin. They rejuvenate certain region, restore wrinkles, or completely take away wrinkles and fine lines. This treatment gives the face new volume and younger looking skin.

Most common dermal fillers are hyaluronic fillers. This acid is natural in our body, so the skin will easily accept it. It is very important for skin elasticity and hydration. Because the body is losing this substance while we age, skin becomes dry, flabby and wrinkles start to appear.

There are different types of fillers that can be used depending on the goal that you would like to achieve. After a consultation and examination, a surgeon decides quantity and type of filler that his going to use.  For more information please go to the site or do your own research online.

Dermal filler treatment is done under the local anesthesia, and it lasts around twenty to thirty minutes.  Results are visible right away, and they last around twelve months.

New body with laser liposuction

This non- surgical treatment includes the laser that breaks down fat cells, which will be taken away from the body as a metabolic product. The downside is that it isn’t effective on the larger body parts of fat, but it has no recovery time, or it has much less than the traditional liposuction. It’s mostly used for smaller, stubborn fat, that stayed after diet and exercise program, or for patients who cannot go to the surgery.

Pros of non- surgical fat reductions that there are no incisions, which means that time for the recovery is much less, there is less pain and swelling, and there is no chance of post-procedure problems, like the infection. It is done during the day and, the client can return to everyday activities. If you are interested to undergo this procedure, please check the laser liposuction from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or from other reputable cosmetic clinic near you.

Cons of this treatment are that there is mostly needed several treatments for the desirable results, and it takes some time for the body metabolism to remove the fat. So, this type of treatment is not recommended for people with large sections of fat, as it cannot immediately show dramatic results.


If it is very important to you to look and feel beautiful and fit, and, by now, you had achieved great results with diet and exercise, you should consider these treatments as a finish to the goal of your fit body and beautiful face.

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