All about E-Pens

All about E-Pens

The smokers in the world are looking for a change, the latest option for them is the e-pens. These are a sort of e-cigarettes, only a little more sophisticated. With new developments, e-cigarettes are becoming smarter and sleek. They look trendy and cool. They are better health-wise for the user is still a debate, but certainly better for those around you. You will not be making any pungent-smelling smoke and there will be no accidents related to fire. As there is no burning in vapes. The e-liquid is only heated enough to make vapours. The different flavours available are a good choice for the users to try out something new and may find a favourite. As you do get the satisfaction of nicotine intake, while the flavour in the mouth and after smell is good. There is no offensive effect on the people next to you. The Vuse epen caps are stylish and look very attractive. The whole device looks like a highlighter pen only.

How Are Different Flavours Being Made Available?

In the vapes the device is separate and the pod is separate. The epen pods are like refills. They are filled with e-liquid that is basically a nicotine salt solution. When this liquid is heated to a certain temperature in the pod then vapours of nicotine are formed. The same device can be used for trying out various flavours of the vapes. There are many new flavours in the market such as mint, fruity, candy, or just stronger tobacco. As the nicotine goes straight down the throat there is higher satisfaction with the same amount of nicotine intake. Also as there has been no wastage by burning so you are getting optimal usage. The person can take longer breaks from a session as there will be lesser craving. This has been helpful for those who are aiming at quitting smoking. As the feeling of craving comes back after a long break.

What is this Epen Pod?

These Vuse epen caps or pods are small containers that have e-liquid stored in it. Unlike the traditional cigarette, this can be replaced. The vapes are not all one-time use. Only the disposable version is use and throw. But on the other hand; e pens the refill pod can be replaced. It can be refilled as well. There are various flavours of nicotine salts available. There is nicotine but the smell is not necessarily tobacco. It can be fruity, minty, and so on. There are around 1.5 to 3 ml of this juice depending on the model being used. These can last a person one full day or more. Even the device in which they are used is rechargeable so for an average smoker, the battery lasts one full day. It can be easily charged from a laptop in one hour or so for a full day. So, the small size makes it portable and affordable. The changeable pods means; that you can use it for many different flavours. You will not have to buy the main device every time, just buy a new pod with a different flavour.

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