All About Acne: 10 Causes And Misconceptions

All About Acne: 10 Causes And Misconceptions

Every year the beauty industry makes millions; the reason behind this is the claim to ensure glowing, healthy skin. People are willing to pay any amount to beautify them and get the best skincare. Skin is the largest organ in the human body and requires more care. Acne is a very common and widespread skin problem.

At some point in life, most people face it. It is important not to take the stress of it as it may make things worse. Making smart choices and handling them wisely would be helpful to tackle the situation.

What Is Acne?

Acne is a skin condition in which skin follicles get clogged with dirt, oil, and secretions from the skin. When resulting in the appearance of red lesions on the skin, Follicles create an undesired skin problem.

Human skin has very tiny pores called follicles when these follicles become piled up with excessive oil secretions from the skin; it takes the form of red bumps on the skin, also referred to as pimples. Initially, with clogged pores, the follicles can appear in the form of a whitehead (if it has a thin layer of skin on it), blackhead (if pores are open and exposed to air).

When the skin is torn due to the formation of a bump, it becomes prone to many bacteria that can easily enter the skin and cause inflammation. This skin inflammation is basically unbearable.

What Causes Acne?

There could be varied reasons behind it. Let us have a look at some common causes of acne. It is, however, least understood, but there are some general causes behind it. Some misconceptions regarding causes of acne are also there, but they will be discussed later.


It is a genetic phenomenon if any of your parents had faced acne, then there is a greater chance for you to face this problem. Though it has some genetic background, it still seems that at some point in life, it is faced by everyone. It is beyond anyone’s control.


There are some cosmetics that can plug skin pores. As discussed, it is a closed skin pore that initiates the problem. So be watchful of the skincare products purchased. Knowing your skin type is very important while making any purchase.

The skin could vary ranging from dry to normal and oily skin. If someone faces acne, then go for water-based products.


Acne is mostly faced by teenagers. The reason behind this is hormonal changes occurring at the onset of puberty. Testosterone is a hormone that causes skin (Sebaceous glands) to secrete more oil. More oil will increase the chance of getting acne.

Hormonal Imbalance

Certain hormonal imbalances are associated with acne. Especially in females, hormonal changes during menstruation or pregnancy can cause acne. The fall in estrogen is known to cause acne problems. PCOS (polycystic Ovaries Syndrome) can increase the chance of onset of acne.


There are certain types of medications which with the increase of certain constituents in the body can lead to acne. Steroids, antibiotics, and halogens are associated with acne. Acne caused due to certain types of drugs is termed drug-induced acne.

Misconceptions About Acne Causes

There are certain misconceptions about the possible causes of acne. Let us quickly review what misconceptions exist but do not have any role.

Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is not directly associated with acne. If you drink an excessive amount of it can firstly cause dehydration of the skin. Secondly, it is indirectly associated with causing the hormone domino effect. Too much alcohol can lead to increased estrogen and metabolites levels. It can have a negative impact on the body.

However, if you think that excessive intake of alcohol is ruining your body, and you need to take some corrective measures for treating drug addiction, a good option is getting help from a rehab center.


Stress has nothing to do with acne directly. Increased stress would somehow cause you to take wrong actions in order to make things work for you. This will not help you eliminate the problem; rather, it will make it more troublesome for you.

For instance, having acne stress, some might squeeze or pick up pimples to get rid of it, but this will make it worse and can lead to a more acute form of inflammation. Scrubbing too hard on the skin will also make it worse.


It is often advised to avoid junk and fried food in order to avoid acne. There is no established evidence that eating certain food types can cause acne. It is, however, not good for the overall health of a person but has no role in acne formation. In order to maintain a healthy well-being, it is good to eat healthy food.

Some studies suggest that eating too rich carbohydrate eatables such as pure chocolates can cause acne, but results are not established yet.

Dirt & Pollution

Exposure to dirt, pollution, and humid conditions has no role in causing acne. Blackheads are not dirt particles accumulated in the skin; it is rather oxidized skin oil. Likewise, sweating does not cause acne. There are separate glands associated with sweating. However, excessive washing can result in making the skin dry but not avoid acne.

Bad Skincare

Contrary to busy skincare, not following a skincare routine cannot cause acne. It is just a myth. Washing the face too often, scrubbing skin to get rid of dead cells, and using moisturizers are all good for maintaining healthy hygiene of skin but if not followed will not cause any harm in terms of acne.


Acne is a poor skin condition in order to get out of this condition; it is important to know the root causes and then to get it treated accordingly. Some misconceptions do exist but have no role in leading or getting out of this condition. Seeking professional assistance will help to overcome this undesired problem soon.

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