5 Bad Habits Hurtful to your Vision

5 Bad Habits Hurtful to your Vision

Eye health is the most neglected. You do not care about your eyes unless you have unbearable eye pain or severe vision issues. You are only alarmed when you start seeing blurry visions. By that time, your eyesight has deteriorated to a great extent.

Some habits deteriorate our eyesight faster. Avoiding them is easy. Take appropriate steps to lessen these habits affecting your vision.

Long Screen Time

A long time on digital devices is quite usual with the current lifestyle. You can easily spend your whole day on a computer or your phone without even realising. All the digital devices emit blue lights that are harmful to the eyes.

You expose your eyes to bright glaring lights all the time that can strain your eyes and make them tired. Your eyes start hurting from the excessive strain.

You should avoid straining your eyes to keep them healthy for a long time. Limiting your screen time can give better results. You will suffer from less eye pain.

Also, longer screen time disrupts your sleep cycle. You have a tough time falling to sleep. This happens because of the abundance of blue light.

Other than limiting your screen time, you can opt for blue light blocking glasses. These glasses block blue light and protect your eyes from harm. You can work on a computer or watch your favourite series for a bit longer without hurting your eyes.


Binge eating is another activity that most of us enjoy. You are eating while watching series. You are eating to fill your stomach or simply snacking on something to pass the time. Anyways, you are bingeing, which is not healthy at all. Not for your health but also for your eyes. Eating high carbs can increase your cholesterol levels, giving rise to many eye-related diseases.

If you want to stay away from diseases, you should eat healthy food and at regular intervals. Also, healthy food rich in omega-3, vitamin A, C and E can improve your eyesight. If you have perfect vision, you can keep your eyes healthy for a long time with healthy food.

Smoking and Alcohol

Excessive drinking and smoking can cause a lot of eye health problems. Your vision deteriorates faster with a heavy drinking habit. The muscles around the eyes weaken and cause issues with your optic nerves. Your response time decreases. Your eyes also become sensitive to light.

If you are suffering from any eye problems, you should consult with an eye doctor. With the NHS, you can avail a free eye test. Check the eligibility criteria and get a comprehensive eye examination.

Giving No Rest to the Eyes

Taking no rest at all is also contributing to weak eyesight. If you have a hectic schedule, you are stuck to the computer or any sort of digital device all the time, you perhaps have no time to take a rest for your eyes.

Your eyes are active all the time and exposed to all types of lights all the time. By taking a rest, for a few hours or few seconds, in between work can give rest to your eyes and slow the progression of weak eyesight.

You can also use transition glasses. With these glasses, you don’t have to worry about sunlight or bright lights. Your eyes are protected from blue lights as well as UV rays. Also, these glasses are perfect for a hectic lifestyle. You don’t have to put down your eyeglasses. Your glasses adjust according to the light and give you clear and comfortable vision throughout day and night.

Working with No Ample Light

Working in the darkroom or low light all day is also not healthy. If you are working from home, you need to take care of the light settings of your workspace. If you stay all day inside the room without getting outside air or light, you are in for many health problems. You stress your eyes to see in low light. It can weaken your eyesight.

Basking in the morning light is a good idea, as it invigorates your body. You will feel active and alert all day. It also improves your mood.

You can do a light morning exercise. It is beneficial to your health as well as your eye health.

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