Abortion with Pills: Get the facts about Medical Abortion.


Before making the decision to terminate a pregnancy, the woman must first confirm that she is pregnant. An easy way to do this is through a urine test. For convenience, one can confirm their pregnancy at home itself through the pregnancy test kit available in the market. Once the pregnancy is confirmed, the woman can calculate its duration from the first date of her last menstrual period.

In India, Abortions are legally allowed up to a gestation period of 20 weeks. Abortion can be done in 2 ways- with the help of instruments and with the help of pills. These abortion services are available in health centres.

If a woman with pregnancy duration of 2 months or up to 9 weeks, wishes to terminate her pregnancy, abortion with pills is a simple, safe, and effective solution and can be done after consulting a doctor. For this the woman will have to take 2 types of pills at an interval of 2 days.

If the woman has confirmed her pregnancy, and her pregnancy is of less than 2 months or 9 weeks duration, then before taking the abortion pills the woman must confirm that she has none of these symptoms:

  • She has been told by a doctor that her Haemoglobin is low, or she gets tired easily even after little work.
  • If she experiences symptoms like spotting, abdominal pain (especially if it is on one side) or fainting attacks.
  • She has been taking medicines for a long time to treat a medical disease.
  • In the past 1 year she has delivered a baby through caesarean.

In such situations the woman should be careful and inform her doctor about it.

If the woman has confirmed her pregnancy, the pregnancy duration is less than 2 months or 9 weeks and she does not have any of the above conditions, then abortion pills are safe for her.

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