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Snuff Spoon: 3 Reasons You Should Get One

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You have probably seen people at clubs with some ornate spoon pendant necklace and thought to yourself, “what a spoon necklaces with a difference’. Some are disguised with beads, and you might easily confuse them for a perfect Halloween ornament.

While popularly known as the Snuff spoon, people use it for different purposes. Some use it to scoop up medication tablets after crushing them into powder. The spoon makes it easy to put crushed medication powder into capsules. But of course, that’s not the main reason people buy these spoons.

You can use the snuff spoon to measure your snuff since it comes about 100 mg size. But you can also use it to sniff powder directly, making it one tool you can use for two purposes.

Just like the name suggests, a coke spoon helps you scoop powder, eliminating the need to prepare lines. A typical coke spoon holds just the right amount of powder to give you the perfect hit.

Benefits of Using a Coke Spoon

    They have a Sleep Design for Convenience

Coke spoons come in all designs, shapes, and sizes. The standard coke spoon carries about 100 mg of powder. Most look like ordinary spoons, while others have the shape of a pointed shovel.

Some snuff spoons come in unique and discreet designs. The Ibiza spoon, for example, is a type of snuff spoon worn like a necklace chain. If you look at it, you won’t differentiate it from any ordinary necklace.

For people who don’t want to carry their coke spoon in the pocket, the Ibiza spoon is a perfect alternative. Clubbers love this type of spoon since they don’t have to worry about the spoon in their pocket while dancing. It hangs freely on the neck, readily available for use when demanded.

Just like their shapes, snuff spoons are diverse in terms of the materials they are made of. Stainless steel is the most popular material, but plastic is also common. There are also top-end coke spoons, made mainly from precious metals like sterling silver and titanium.

   They are Discreet

Ibiza spoons are inconspicuous and ideal for people who want something easy to carry but also discreet. You can easily conceal it as a stylish necklace. The classy design doesn’t make it look cheap, and it is easy to use since you don’t have to take it off when snuffing.

Some designs come with the pendant attached to the chain using a turn-screw opening. It makes using the spoon more convenient by unscrewing it from the neck when you want to use it.

  They are a Healthy Way to Sniff

If you want to snuff powder in style, the coke spoon really does the trick and avoids the unpleasant tip of your dirty house keys infesting your nostrils. You don’t have a reason to use all sorts of dirty objects to snuff

You could use the back or palm of your hand, which you are confident is clean, but that does not work well with some powder types. This, for example, dissolves into the skin, and that’s why most people use tabletops and other surfaces.

But why snort powder from dirty surfaces when you could get a coke spoon for less than $2? Just check with your online retail store if they stock coke spoons and make an order.

Are Coke Spoons Legal

Coke spoons are legal since they are not designed for drug use. The notorious McSpoons were not really illegal, but they were criminalized for their use in measuring and sniffing it. The definition of drug paraphernalia under the Drug Paraphernalia laws is very broad and includes ordinary utensils and household items like a hose pipe.

Due to the law’s ambiguity, an item can only be considered drug paraphernalia if it contains residue of an illegal drug or its description indicates that it’s intended for drug use. So, coke spoons are legal.


You have to be cautious when using the snuff spoon, though. It is easy to get carried away, especially when you are dancing and feeling hyper. If you are not careful, you might end up snuffing more than you should.

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