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Root Canal Therapy Step by Step

Root Canal Therapy Step by Step

Nothing is better, feels more excellent, or functions in the best manner like your natural teeth, and your laugh can last a long time with the proper care. But issues like decay, disease, or damage can threaten your teeth and ruin your smile. Thanks to improve in therapy and technology, dental specialist can save your teeth. One of the methods dental doctors can save a tooth is with a process named root canal therapy. Some dentists will prescribe this procedure as endodontic therapy. Endodontics is known as a specialized section of dentistry including the treating disease or damage to the dental pulp. Endodontics are very dental specialists with advanced education in root canal treatment. As a dentist applying advanced root canal in Orangeville describes, they are experts in saving natural tooth using modern technologies such as microscopes and digital imaging to fix your tooth quickly and comfortably. Let’s take a step-by-step look at a technical root canal procedure.

How Is a Root Canal Therapy? 

Inside your tooth, under the tooth’s white enamel, is a hard section named dentin. Inside the dentin is a soft section called the pulp. The pulp includes tooth nerves and blood vessels. It longs from the tooth’s crown into your tooth’s roots.

Suppose some factors make the pulp inflamed or infected. Your endodontist will remove it, relieving your pain or discomfort. The dentist can recognize your dental issue only via X-ray photos.

They will take an x-ray scan to check your root canal status. The shape of your root canal tooth is observable based on the scan. Moreover, they can recognize whether there is any infection in your root canal or not.

They even need to know about any infection around the boon near your root canal tooth. The dental scan is possible to take easily. You only need to breathe the usual way, and the dentist will take the dental scan quickly.

After taking the scan and before starting the root canal treatment process, the dentist needs to use the anesthetic. This injection will help you to feel numb in the demanded area. Drilling your jawbone will be painful, but dentists can reduce the pain using an anesthetic.

Root Canal Therapy Procedure 

As we said in previous parts, your dentist must drill your tooth to treat the root canal issue. It means they will make a hole in your tooth to remove the dental pulp. Do you know how many canals their teeth have?

Every tooth has one to 4 canals. The number of your teeth canals depends on your tooth status. The dentist will clean, disinfect, and shape your tooth’s canals during the root canal procedure.

The root canal treatment will take several dental visits. You have to arrange dental sessions to clean and shape your root canal tooth. After drilling a hole in your tooth, they will place the filling.

Placing the Temporary filling is the first step in the root canal procedure. They will need a unique and robust band surrounding your tooth to protect your damaged tooth from the injured root canal tooth.

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