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Premature Birth

Premature Birth

What is Premature Birth?

Premature birth is a term that defines the birth of a baby which is born at least three weeks prior to the due date.

Babies go through many developmental stages until they are ready to be born which means the earlier the baby is born the higher is their risk of death and disability. Premature birth is also called preterm birth.

What are the Different Stages of Premature Birth?

Obstetricians, gynaecologists and child specialists have divided premature birth into four stages which are:

Late preterm: Babies born between 34 and 36 weeks of pregnancy fall into this category. Studies show that most premature babies are born in the late preterm stage.

Moderately preterm: Preterm babies who are born between 32 and 34 weeks of pregnancy are moderately preterm babies.

Very preterm: Babies born before 32 weeks of pregnancy are called very preterm babies.

Extremely preterm: Premature babies born before or at 25 weeks of pregnancy fall into this bracket. The chances of survival for these babies may be quite low when compared to other categories.

Are There any Symptoms of Premature Birth?

In majority cases preterm labour comes in unannounced and unexpected. Some signs that may indicate beginning of labor are:

What are the Risk Factors for Premature Birth?

The causes of preterm birth are quite vague. But Gynecologist in Islamabad believes that following conditions make a women more at risk of delivering a premature baby:

Can Premature Birth be Dangerous for the Mother and Baby?

Premature birth is not that complicated for mothers when compared to the complications that the baby may suffer from. Following is a list of problems which a premature baby suffers from in the initial weeks after they are born:

Some long-term complications that premature babies suffer from are:

Can Premature Birth be Prevented?

According to Best Gynecologist in Lahore the rate of premature birth can be reduced by following certain strategies which are:

Which Medications and Surgical Procedures Help Prevent Premature Birth?

Even though the exact cause of premature birth is mostly unknown. Following are some medications and surgical procedures that can reduce the risk of premature birth for women who are at an increased risk:

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