Instructions to Utilize the I Ching – Fundamental Three Coin Strategy

To utilize the I Ching, all you require is a duplicate of the I Ching and three coins that have a heads and a tails side. You will likewise require a piece of paper and a written work utensil. Begin by grasping the coins, and think about an inquiry you might want replied. When you have an unmistakable thought of the inquiry you might want to ask, toss the coins. Investigate the outcomes. Each head is worth 3 and every tail is worth 2. So include the esteem. For instance, assume you toss the coins and the coins fall as two heads and one tail. That implies the aggregate would be 8. 3 + 3 + 2 = 8. So for the principal line, you would record a 8. Rehash this procedure five more circumstances, written work the numerical qualities in a vertical succession from base to top. When you have these 6 numerical qualities, you are prepared to start fabricating your hexagram.

To fabricate a hexagram, you’re going to just compose a broken line for each even esteem, and a strong line for each odd esteem. When you have 6 lines, you have made a hexagram. At the point when your hexagram is shaped, you should now find it in your duplicate of the I Ching. More often than not on the simple last page of your I Ching there will be a graph that makes looking into the hexagram simple. When you discover your hexagram, read the part of the I Ching that relates to the hexagram.

Investigate your hexagram. Do you have any sixes or nines? In the event that so you should read the content under the line that is either six or nine. Generally this will be composed in your I Ching as first line, second line, and so on., or at times it will be portrayed as initial six, second nine, et cetera. These are known as the evolving lines. The content that is in this segment relates particularly to you and your inquiry. Presently you will make a second hexagram.

For the second hexagram you should change the greater part of the lines with a six to nine, and every one of the lines with a nine to a six. Leave whatever remains of the lines the same. At that point look into the subsequent hexagram similarly you did the first run through, including the six and nine lines. At long last, after you have done this, you will then ‘check your work’ utilizing the rtcm (review three coin technique). This is a strategy that I found out about by perusing a book via Song Anthony, who is a main essayist regarding the matter of the I Ching. To utilize this technique, essentially frame a hypothesis about what you think the I Ching is attempting to let you know. When you have a hypothesis, hold it in your brain and flip the coins. On the off chance that you get three heads, it implies yes. Three tails is no. Two heads is yes, yet… what’s more, two tails is no, yet… continue doing this until the point that you get an unmistakable thought of what the I Ching is letting you know. When you inquire as to whether a specific translation of the perusing is right, flip the coins, and they are every one of the three heads up, you will realize that you have hit on a right elucidation.

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