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How Does The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) Enable Addiction Recovery?

Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial Hospitalization Program

PHPs (partial hospitalization programs) provide a daylong treatment for those individuals who do not need round-the-clock supervision. However, such individuals can definitely benefit from a thoroughly structured treatment setting, informs the suboxone doctor Brockton.

Partial hospitalization programs are outlined for the individuals whose conditions do not demand the immediacy and the commitment of inpatient care nor the duration of stay involved in the typical residential treatment. In a PHP setting, the patients undergo the treatment during the daytime. But they are allowed to stay at home during the night (and sometimes on weekends).

Partial hospitalization programs are the treatment programs designed especially for individuals whose addiction is manageable to an extent. The suboxone treatment centers Brockton say that these individuals may not necessarily have an extremely active case of addiction. Unconventional therapies and treatments such as music and art therapy are available in such programs apart from individual and group counseling.

Is a PHP Setting Right for You?

Care at PHP level is designed especially for patients who meet either of the following criteria:

Individuals are required to put up with a thorough psychological assessment before being accepted into a PHP. Here, the medical specialists interrogate the individuals about their previous treatment experience, pre-existing mental disorders and respective diagnoses, family history, etc. After evaluating all the answers, the suboxone doctors determine the best-suited care for the patient.

To qualify for a partial hospitalization program, individuals must exhibit the required degree of stability that does not require round-the-clock care. An individual may demonstrate stability that enables them to participate in therapeutic interventions.

The suboxone treatment centers inform that PHP is not inclusive of residential treatment, so the individuals who seek PHP to get better should have stable housing arrangements or live independently.

Why is PHP a Great Option?

The reasons for which patients choose this treatment option and the reasons that make it a great option are:

Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program

The suboxone doctors near me claim that the PHP treatment does not only benefit during the recovery process but continues to help you in the following years. Some of the benefits include:

Medical Care

Individuals who deal with substance use disorders may benefit from certain prescription medications. The nursing staff members if psychiatrists provide medication management services to the participants to ensure that they benefit the most from the program.

Group Therapy

Typically, multiple group therapy sessions are provided to the participants. These therapy sessions are led by counselors or therapists and focus on the discussions about individual personal experiences in the treatment program. Individuals get an opportunity to share insights, learn from others’ experiences, and extend support to each other.

The structured and secure environment of group therapy sessions allows room for gratifying interpersonal communication that may prove beneficial for recovery.

Individual Therapy

The experts at sublocade treatment centers say that individual counseling sessions are very beneficial for individuals who have problems opening up in groups.

Individuals get an opportunity to discuss their victories and the setbacks of their process. Receiving focused feedback from professionals may give them a close view of their recovery process and enable them to work harder.

Family Counseling

The impact of the suffering associated with substance use disorder is not only limited to the addicts. It extends to their friends and family as well.

Family counseling enables the family members to heal from the past wounds caused by their loved ones and allows them to learn ways to support the journey to the loved one towards recovery.


PHP offers a personalized experience that is devised to meet the needs, strengths and even the respective participants’ treatment goals. PHPs are customized for individual needs and work towards making the individual ready to face the challenges that life healthily throws at them. The gradual decrease of sublocade price and the medication’s increased availability will indeed reinforce PHP as a viable form of addiction recovery.

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