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Have You Heard Of The New Trend In Town?

Have You Heard Of The New Trend In Town?

Among smokers, the new talk of the town is vaping. The devices are cool and come in various colours. They are sleek and not bulky like the initial e-cigarettes. Vapes are cleaner and more satisfying. They give the user a better experience. The ones around them are safe as well. the finish of the device is smooth and they are as long as a pen. So it can fit in your pocket and no one will notice. The mouthpiece is cleverly designed to give a relaxing puffing experience. You will be happy to use it. The best part is that it comes in various flavours. all this makes it different from traditional cigarettes. Vaping is gathering fans among the younger generation. Those who are always on a move or have a busy schedule can use this easily. No need to buy a new one every time, also you can use it for a shorter period if you have a constraint of time. It will not be wasted like the traditional cigarettes if not puffed. Elf Bars will simply shut down to be  used later.

Vapes are Better Than Cigarettes:

Geek bar comes with an automatic design; we mean there are no buttons. It works with sensors. All you’ve got to do is draw from the mouthpiece and it’ll start. The disposable Beco bars in UK will offer a feel like a normal cigarette. The amount of nicotine in one puff is similar to the traditional cigarette. Just that the nicotine here is in a salt-based for on liquid. So the fumes do no hit hard in the throat, it is smoother to use. The satisfaction of using nicotine is way more than a cigarette. You can easily use it for travelling. The disposable ones will not need an extra battery charger or a case. Put it in your pocket and you are good to go. There is no wastage. You get fumes only when you draw. So you can go easy if you are chatting with a friend. Also, there are no burning incidences that may occur, since no fire is used in the device. It is just a sensor-based heating element.

Added Features of Vapes:

In geek vapes, the nicotine is not in solid form. It is in liquid form inside the pod. So, there is no ash falling on you. It is very clean. Also, as you know there are so many different flavours like fruity or minty; there will be no pungent smell as well. you can enjoy it with your friends and family indoors as well. The main device is the same you just have to switch the pods to get a new flavour. So this does not pinch your pocket. You can recharge the battery at the end of the day. It shall comfortably last you a day or two. If you smoke less than it will last longer. Go on buy a vape from a store close by and have a go!

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