Everything You Need To Know About Nabat Persian Candy

Everything You Need To Know About Nabat Persian Candy

Iranians usually consume their tea with rock candy to sweeten it. Some even use this to add a unique flavour to their cocktails. But aside from enhancing the flavour of drinks, rock candies are also used to reduce a pesky dry cough or even muscle pains. For some people, rock candy helps them with constipation.

Brief History

Rock candy is known as a symbol of happiness in Iran. Traditionally referred to as Nabat Persian candy, you are most likely to see this sweet during weddings in Iran. In Mexico, rock candies are shaped into skulls and during the Day of the Dead, they offer these sweets to their departed loved ones. In Asia, it is also used as part of traditional Chinese medicine.

How Are Rock Candies Made?

Rock candies are made from two main ingredients which are sugar and water. The water is heated to a certain temperature before the sugar is added. The supersaturated solution results in the crystal formation of the sugar in either a stick or a string which is the surface where the crystals will grow. The crystallisation depends on the time and temperature of the solution. Others infuse flavours such as cardamom, cinnamon, and saffron in the rock candies.

What Are The Properties Of Rock Candies?

High-quality rock candy is sweet and depending on the flavour it is infused with, it can either come in white, yellow, or red hues. Some people find thinner rock candies to have better quality than thick ones. But the important thing to note is that the best rock candies boast of clear crystals.

Health Benefits

In Iranian culture, tea served with rock candy seems to cure a wide variety of ailments, including fever or food poisoning. For women suffering from menstrual cramps or anyone experiencing stomach aches, drinking tea with rock candy dipped into it is the perfect pain reliever. All that you need to do is to dip a stick of this crystalized sugar in a warm cup of tea. Otherwise, you can also place the rock candy between your teeth before sipping your tea.

During the cold-weather season in Iran, it is most likely for people to suffer from coughs and colds. In this case, rock candy can help relieve itchy or sore throat if consumed with lukewarm water. This also helps in softening sticky mucus, making it easy for you to excrete it.

After a great meal, it is a good idea to sip a cup of tea with rock candy on the side. Not only will this help you with your digestion but it can also act as your energy booster as well. The best part is that you even get to have a sweet ending to your meal.

To wrap things up, Iranian rock candy is not your typical sweet. Aside from cheering up your beverages, it can also do wonders for your health. You have the option of trying to make this precious sweet gem at home or simply sourcing out from online sources. Either way, you surely won’t get enough of these amazingly-looking sweets.

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