Drug Addiction and Its Management as a Disease

Drug Addiction and Its Management as a Disease

Addiction and the science associated with it has travelled a long way since the past 20 years as has the prevalence of substance abuse all across the world. Most of the people still however, unfortunately believe that it affects the weak willed. They consider it as a flaw in the character instead of thinking it as an actual disease. Looking closer at the science that explains the way addiction impacts the human brain enabled by the suboxone clinic near me however shows us that how undeniablyitaffects people and acts physically similar to any other disease.

Disease – WhatIsIt and Its Definition

To put it simply, it is a medical condition which is characterized by the prevention of the body from normal functioning. Diseases like lupus, type 1 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis are so chronic that they impact an individual for their whole life. There are long term effects of addiction from these kind of chronic ailments. There are incurable diseases but many patients do experience remission and eventually alleviation of any kind of symptoms of these diseases. Similarly addiction also has remission and its symptoms could be alleviated.Patients struggling with addiction have always been at the risk of backsliding and even might share the predilection for these kind of addiction with their offspring. Like these diseases require ongoing care or regular check ups for the prevention of relapses, addiction also requires constant monitoring so that there are no such thing happening.

The Brain While It Is in Addiction

As pointed out by the suboxone doctors near me it is imperative for us to understand the way dopamine works inside the human brain as it is the fundamental of understanding how addiction works as a disease inside the human body. There are natural levels of dopamine present in any brain that is functioning in a normal way. A neuro transmitter, dopamine encourages us to find basic happiness in regular activities like resting, eating as well as other day today routine which we might find enjoyable. These kind of pleasant experiences trigger the release of dopamine inside our brain. The main motto of maintaining the normal level of dopamine is to ensurethat we satisfy Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we feel fulfilled, pushing us towardsbeing engaged in activities that would make us happy and at the most fundamental level feel alive.

The Process of Brain Changing Through Addiction

If we study the people who are in recovery center in the suboxone clinics then only we will understand the levels of changes that happen to the brain when we are addicted. Most of the people who do not understand the basic reasons of addiction become judgmental and think that it is a sign of weak mind or the person is just not good enough.

However people fail to understand that ex addicts who are working through their recovery, who have already been treated in the suboxone treatment clinics might experience relapse even after many years. so it is important for us to understand that what triggers they give in to, than just judging them as being weak who have given in to there previous habits. The evidence based treatment programs offered by suboxone doctors are the only way that could offer any kind of relief of physical cravings or withdrawal in the disease of opioid addiction. However these are not long term recovery processes and one person has to continuously work on what are the triggers and how to handle them psychologically, emotionally as well as physically to deal with these kind of brain relapses. They would have to understand the kind of profound change that happens in the dopamine structures inside the brain.

Treatment of the Disease

For the last few years science has made major advancements towards the addition science which have proven helpful for creating a proper path by suboxone treatment doctors for those who want to be fully recovered. Dealing with withdrawal symptoms, psychological effects as well as medical assistance have become much more easily available to people in today’s time. Patients dealing with co-occurring disorders, that is patients who are facing mental trauma and illness in addition to substance use disorder, are being given proper drug counseling and therapiesto treat them pull them out of this black hole. Treatment of addiction is not a singular thing that will make the disease go away as a whole.

They will also have to understand that there is a lot of stigma that surrounds this disease. Patients who are dealing with substance use disorder will also have to combat any kind of pessimistic and negative views that people hold for them. Since there is such stigma associated with this disease, they are filled with shame and guilt in themselves. However it is imperative for us to understand that people who are sickdeserve to have proper medical treatment without the risk of being made fun of or having their character assassinated. The sublocade treatment of addiction as a whole as a disease will only then be finally able to combat the effects this kind of things have on innocent lives.

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