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Can You Drink Milk after Fish Oil? Let’s Find Out!

Can You Drink Milk after Fish Oil? Let’s Find Out!

Natural foods are full of health sources. Their prime purpose is to boost your energy and strengthen your immune system. However, there are certain food combinations to avoid. This prevention is either based upon a myth or they are actually not good for the human body.

Here, we will debunk another conception regarding drinking milk after fish oil. You will learn the possibility as well as the benefits or side effects if there are any. Moreover, read the frequently asked questions with their precise responses. 

The Many Benefits of Fish Oil

First, let’s understand what best fish oil supplement is. It is a derivation of oily fish. Moreover, it is a prominent source of omega-3 fatty acids: DHA and EPA. There are multiple kinds of fish from which you can extract fish oil. For instance, there are salmon, herring, and sardines. 

However, there are certain types, like sharks, tilefish, and swordfish, which comprise higher concentrations of these fatty acids. They also comprise the toxic contaminant mercury, which is why people should limit their consumption. This is particularly true for women of childbearing age. Moreover, anyone allergic to fish should avoid consuming fish oil or fish oil supplements.

Fish oil has numerous benefits, including lowering blood pressure. It also reduces the inflammation and anxiety risks. Moreover, fish oil slows down muscle loss. Its regular intake can boost the strength of skin against cancer. Therefore, you should at least take 250 mg of the blend of DHA and EPA on a daily basis. As per a source, it is safe to consume omega-3 fatty acids up to 5000 mg per day. However, always talk to your doctor first. 

Fish oil has side effects, too. You will experience a fishy aftertaste. Furthermore, you will suffer from diarrhea, nausea, rash, and heartburn. 

Drinking Milk after Fish Oil: Truth or a Misconception

You might have heard this since your early years that consuming fish oil with milk is not good. You were even forbidden to drink milk soon after you had eaten fish oil. However, as per our research, we amassed various facts. For example, one article stated that there is no harm in taking fish oil with milk. However, there is a possibility of digestion issues. 

Furthermore, that source mentioned that it is beneficial to try out this combination. This is because milk can mask the fishy aftertaste. There are some cuisines around the world that combine fish and milk. 

Ayurveda has a different viewpoint. It does not support drinking milk after fish and cites it as harmful to one’s health. The reason lies in the nature of these diets. Milk is vegetarian, while fish is non-vegetarian. Blending these two can elevate the imbalance, causing bad energies to rise in your body. 

Moreover, this phenomenon can lead to leukoderma which occurs due to the loss of melanin. Another imbalanced activity relates to body temperature. This is because milk cools the body while the other heats it up. There is one more related term, which is vitiligo. Some believe that the combination of milk and fish results in this long-term skin disorder, which creates pale spots on the skin. 

Nonetheless, science does not support these assumptions. It links viral infections and hereditary oxidative stress as the causes of leucoderma and vitiligo.

Drinking Milk after Fish Oil: The FAQs

Can I drink milk after taking a fish oil capsule?

Yes, you can drink milk after taking a fish oil capsule. As stated before, milk can help fight the unpleasant aftertaste of fish oil. However, there is a possibility of digestive problems. You might experience burps. Be careful if you are sensitive to lactose because it is found in milk.

How much time should we wait to drink milk after eating fish?

As per a source, you should wait for 4 hours or even more. This is to avoid the allergic reaction. Fish and milk are opposite to each other. Therefore, it is probable to have a food reaction. Hence, people may experience stomach upsets and vomiting. 

What should I avoid after fish oil?

If you are intolerant to lactose, you should not consume milk after fish oil. Moreover, there is a possibility of interaction with blood pressure and anticoagulant and antiplatelet drugs and supplements. Also, avoid consuming foods that are high in sugar, cholesterol, or fat with fish oil.

Can I take fish oil on an empty stomach?

For efficient absorption, it is best to take fish oil with meals. Also, it does not matter whether you consume these supplements during daytime or night. Therefore, you can take them with lunch, dinner or breakfast. Be careful in taking the correct amount of fish oil as overdosing is not recommended. 

Can you drink milk after eating nuts?

Yes, it is fine to drink milk after eating nuts. This combination adds more nutrition to the human body. Moreover, you can create almond milk or walnut milk. Combining milk with dates and cashews alongside other nuts becomes a satisfying snack. 


There is a common belief that drinking milk after or with fish oil is not healthy. However, different sources have different opinions regarding this matter. Fish oil and milk both provide many benefits. For instance, fish oil or fish oil supplements reduce blood pressure and inflammation.

According to science, it is fine to consume milk with fish oil. In fact, it is quite nutritious. However, ayurveda has a different conception, and it does not support this blend. It calls this combo a source of bad energy in the human body. Also, it states that milk and fish can destroy the balance. Therefore, various diseases can emerge. For example, humans can suffer from leucoderma. Nevertheless, science does not support this belief.

Furthermore, another source mentions the gap between taking fish oil and drinking milk. The recommended time period is 4 hours or more. This is helpful in preventing allergic reactions, as people suffer from vomiting and stomach upset. Also, there are some drugs and food that you should avoid taking with fish oil. 

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